Arrested Development’s Tony Hale Stars In ‘CTRL’

‘CTRL’ (pronounced “control”)- a series based on the Sundance award-winning short film, ‘CTRL Z,’ which screened at the film festival in 2008, premieres today.

‘CTRL’ stars Tony Hale (‘Arrested Development’) as Stuart, a mistreated office worker who suddenly discovers that, with the aid of NESTEA and its “Liquid Awesomeness,” he has the ability to manipulate the reality of his office by using his computer. His newfound abilities include the power to rewind time, move objects, become invisible and read people’s minds. The series will be written and directed by award-winning Canadian filmmaker Rob Kirbyson and produced by SXM.

Be sure to check the series out at the source link below – and also check out Tony Hale’s special message to FanBolt Members below!


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