Marvel Is Planning ‘Captain America 3’

The studio is said to be impressed with production on the sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the response to recent test screenings. In response have moved to secure directors Anthony and Joe Russo for another installment in the franchise, which stars Chris Evans in the title role.

According to Variety, though the project hasn’t yet officially been greenlit, it is likely negotiations on a third movie will begin once the second film hits cinemas this April.

Kevin Feige will produce the project, which doesn’t yet have a writer or tentative release date. However, Marvel and the directors are said to be already putting together an outline for the story.

Evans has a multi-movie contract with the studio so would be likely to return for another installment in the series, as would several other cast members.

The Russo brothers took over directing Captain America: Winter Soldier in 2012, taking over from Joe Johnson, who helmed the first movie, Captain America: The First Avenger, which was released in 2011.


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  1. I think at this point they are willing to milk any Marvel property as much as they can. I just hope the quality keeps being decent.

  2. I agree – when there is as much success behind a company as there has been with Marvel films – of course they will keep doing more. I have to admit I was extremely skeptical of The Avengers at first – but that was one of my favorite films from 2012.

  3. Not surprised that the three-picture trend continues with Captain America 3. As long as story continues to be good, I’m all in.

  4. Agreed as well. Not my absolute favorite, but as long as they keep up this quality, I’m in. I just hope it lasts, in order to further delve into Marvel Mythos.

  5. I don’t mind the idea of a third Captain America. I certainly can’t wait to see the second. Honestly, all of the last few marvel movies have been pretty enjoyable in my opinion, with the exception of the first Thor, which I was not all that impressed by. *shrug*