Holiday Shopping with Loungefly’s VP of Creative Liz DeSilva


Two years later, its finally happened; I have been invited into Loungefly’s Liz DeSilva’s living room! I mean virtually, but it’s 2020 – it counts. What is Loungefly? Show yourself off this site. 

I’m kidding (kinda). Loungefly is part of the ‘Funko Family’ that design and sell quality unique yet affordable bags and accessories. They have access to literally almost any license you could think of like Disney, Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Marvel, Star Wars, Peanuts, and more! So much more! Licenses for days and super geek Liz is the VP of Creative behind them all. 

The reason it took two years to sit down and chat is because she’s really just THAT busy. “Man, the girl is NON STOP”! (your welcome to all the Hamilton fans out there). You would think in 2020 Liz would have enough on her plate. Nope. She also launched Loungefly’s newest branch, The Stitch Shoppe which incorporates all inclusive sizes clothing to pair with the bags. My thought was, “who knows when she will come up for air again? Let’s get down to business and be part of her world for as long as we can.” We chatted about 2020 and how policies and workflows changed for the Loungefly team, how they develop designs for their licenses, whats up next for 2021 AND what is selling for the holiday season. The video is 20 minutes. You’re welcome. 

If none of that interests you (get out! No, sorry. stay.), there’s a cute beagle dog named Minne hanging out in the background. Everyone loves dogs : ) 

If you want to know all the trade secrets, watch the video – This is the way. 

Video edited by: Philip Louis Calabro



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