FanBolt’s Emma Loggins Talks Entertainment in 2020 on ‘No Rest for The Weekend’

Emma Loggins of FanBolt

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jason Godbey on the latest episode of Behind the Rabbit Productions’ No Rest for the Weekend podcast a few weeks ago, and the episode has just gone live!

What is No Rest for the Weekend? It’s a video podcast and blog dedicated to indie filmmakers, content creators, and fans of indie film and series.

Jason and I chatted about everything from FanBolt’s origin story to the current state of entertainment in 2020 – check out for yourself in the video below!

Interested in more No Rest for the Weekend episodes? Check out their site here!


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    1. Thanks, Paloma!! 🙂 I feel like Captain Marvel didn’t get the love it deserved – but I freaking LOVED it! 🙂

      High school seems like forever ago, hard to believe this coming March will be FanBolt’s 19th birthday!! I couldn’t imagine my life without it. 🙂

  1. Time sure flies when your having fun.😊 It doesn’t seem possible that fanbolt will be 19 soon. Though thinking back over the years it is giving that nenna will be 22. When I was watching the interview and remembering the old days. She was talking about some of her old memories as well. The old chats contests forums etc. I am so glad I meet you on your og board LN and when you started fanbolt all those years ago you asked me to come and be a monitor over here at fanbolt. As part of the og crew I have many many good memories and look forward to many more to come. Fanbolt not just a fan forum but a fan family.