The Perfect Film-Inspired Home Décor & Renovation Ideas

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Sometimes, when watching a TV or Film, we wish we could inhibit the world of the characters – if only for a few seconds. However, whilst you may have to forgo some of the fantasy elements, you can bring the world of your favorite series to life in your home – you just need to do some renovations.

Here are just some of the ways you can do just that!

Pay attention to the real estate market. Sometimes, the properties used for filming popular series and films are sold at an auction. This means, if you have the cash, you could get to live out your fantasies by moving into your character’s home! For example, a few years ago, you could purchase the idyllic cottage from the holiday movie.

Look out for charity auctions. Popular film franchises often host auctions where they resell props and furniture from movies to raise money for charities or causes close to their heart. This means you can find some excellent additions to your home, whilst also contributing to a worthy cause.

Put together a clear plan. When you want to move into a new property or give your home a movie-makeover, you need to put a clear plan in place. Write down everything you want of the home, including the atmosphere you wish to create and the style you want to emulate. For example, if you are a big fan of the Harry Potter films, you may wish to move into an older building. However, this doesn’t mean that your home cannot look modern on the inside. You can work with residential architects to craft the perfect space for yourself and your family – blending your passions and interests with comfortable, stylish living.

Search for dupes. Sometimes, the props used in films and moves are particularly expensive or designed to be used for the film alone. This means that they may not function properly, and were there for aesthetic purposes only. However, that does not mean that you will be unable to find a similar product online. Here’s how:

  • Find a photograph of the prop you would like in your home.
  • Do a quick google search using the name of the program/film, and the prop itself. You may be able to find what you are looking for from this search alone.
  • If you cannot find it, write down a list of keywords based on the product’s attributes. Think style, shade, and size. Then search for these words alone. The products that you find will probably be similar.

Get ready to DIY.  If you spot a piece of furniture in a film that you would just love – be that a comfortable looking chair or a stunning dining room table – why not try your hand at DIY and make your own? Carefully source materials to find a close match in terms of color and style, and put your creativity to the test. There are plenty of guides online that guide you through the basic steps to creating DIY furniture – just be sure to be safe when building!

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