Paper Heart Review: A Different Kind of Film

Paper Heart

Paper Heart is a refreshing indie love story. The film stars Charlyne Yi, Michael Cera, and Jake Johnson in a quest to help Charlyne document how and why people fall in love. In the beginning, Charlyne doesn’t believe she’ll ever find love, but during the progress of the movie – you can see that her opinions evolve.

The filming took the cast and crew everywhere from Toronto, Paris, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nashville, and Little Rock just to name a few. In each of the locations, they stopped and interviewed people about love – some were couples that had been together for years and others were divorcees that claimed they would never marry again. They even took the time to interview a couple scientists about what makes a person feel in love from a chemical perspective.

The most heartwarming part of the story is the connection between Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi. While their love story was outlined and not real like the rest of the film footage – it feels real to the viewer. Michael and Charlyne aren’t acting – this is their real personalities.

During an interview we had with the cast, they explained that the Charlyne/Michael love story was outlined – but not scripted. So most of what the viewer sees in the film is just improv from the two trying to get from point A to point B. Their interactions are cute and awkward and typical of new love.

A lot of people may walk away from this film believing that Charlyne and Michael are in fact together – but we also confirmed that they’re just good friends. Sorry guys!

At the end of it all, Charlyne did admit to us exclusively that the film did change her conclusions on love. The actress commented saying, “I think that it’s different for everyone. I don’t think anyone’s wrong or right. I think it’s what you want it to be, you know?”

Paper Heart is a different kind of film. And we highly recommend it.

You can check out our full interview with Charlyne Yi, Michael Cera, and Jake Johnson here – Paper Heart Interview

Review by Emma Loggins


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  1. I cannot wait to see this movie. I’m glad that you guys are recommending it! And I’m also glad that Charlyne is optimistic about love.

  2. I’m not quite clear from this if it’s a true story, documentary, fiction or a little bit of everything. I like documentaries, but I would like to be clear what I’m watching.

  3. All of the people they interview – is 100% unscripted and real. The romance between Michael and Charlyne is “outlined” but not scripted. The romance between the two isn’t real, but it feels real enough in the film that you might just find yourself still confused. 🙂

    We confirmed this though with Charlyne. Her and Michael are not together and are just good friends.