Geek Cooking with the New Deadpool Cookbook!

Geek Cooking with Deadpool

If you told me a year ago that I would become a cooking geek, I would have never believed you. But that’s exactly what has happened. So pair that with movie-themed cookbooks, and I’m in heaven.

In FanBolt’s Holiday Gift Guide last year, I highlighted Insight Editions’ Friends and Wonder Woman cookbooks, which are just as awesome as this their newest cookbook, Cooking with Deadpool.

Narrated by the wisecracking merc (and sexy master chef) himself, this book includes over 60 recipes inspired by some of his closest friends/enemies (here’s lookin’ at you, Spidey) and his favorite meals, including chimichangas, tacos, pancakes, and hamburgers with no pickles. This comprehensive culinary guide is complete with recipe modification suggestions, illustrations, and mouthwatering full-color photography. This cookbook is the ultimate gift for seasoned cooks and Marvel fans alike!

My only criticism is that unlike other TV/Film-themed cookbooks I have from Insight Editions, this Deadpool one (shockingly) doesn’t have any cocktail recipes. I would have loved to have seen something that used Ryan Reynold’s Aviation Gin (which I still need to try).

The first recipe I tried from the book was the Hashtag Hashbrowns, as breakfast and brunch are always the first recipes that I gravitate towards. Prep time was only about 5 minutes, with cook time being just under 20 minutes. The result? Super tasty and satisfying!

deadpool cookbook

In celebration of the tasty geek cooking event, I made my first Instagram Reel. It took an embarrassing amount of time to perfect (as I don’t have experience with Tiktok to pull from), but that being said, I’m super excited to share it with you all! Drumroll, please…

It’s the best IG Reel you’ve ever seen, right? 😉 (Humor me)

Overall, this cookbook does a fantastic job at bringing Deadpool’s inimitable style, foulmouthed humor, and notorious skill with a blade all to the kitchen. And it’s Marc Sumerak, who wrote the cookbook, and Elena P. Craig, who is responsible for the tasty recipes with a Deadpool twist, who are responsible for this geek-out worthy piece of Marvel fan goodness!

Deadpool Recipes

Here are a few additional recipes we have to share, which give you a good feel for what all the cookbook has to offer:

Deadpool Cookbook: Stabby Meat Sticks

Deadpool Cookbook: Chick-aarones

We even have an exclusive Deadpool recipe to share. If you make it, please share it online and tag @FanBolt and @EmmaLoggins on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We’d love to see what you made and what your thoughts are.

FanBolt Exclusive: Deadpool Recipe – Steak Fajita Chimi

Deadpool Cookbook: Steak Fajita Chimi

Cooking with Deadpool is available now! Take a look below at all the list of recipes the cookbook includes:

Cooking with Deadpool: Table of Contents


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  1. Some look cook i have seen a few different ones ie true blood drinks etc. But I like my old school Betty Crocker ones. 😉 showing my age