Law Abiding Citizen Review: Don’t Make Deals With Murderers

Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen is a clever thriller for viewers that seek multiple twists, mind games, and vigilante justice. Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is common family man whose wife and daughter are brutally murdered during a break in. Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx), an up and coming prosecuting attorney, is assigned to Clyde’s Case. When Nick has to make a deal with the defense, one man goes free while the other walks. Clyde is not happy with this outcome, and questions Nick’s decision to make deals with a murder.

The film moves forward ten years, with the discovery of the dismembered remains of the man who murdered Clyde’s family. Clyde is apprehended by the police where he soon issues a warning to Nick that he must repair the flawed justice system. When Nick does not heed his warning, key players in Clyde’s trial begin to die.

Law Abiding Citizen was one of the most unique thrillers I’ve seen in a while. The film follows the theme of ‘don’t make deals with murderers’. Gerard Butler and Jamie Fox had chemistry off and on during the film. The consistency of the film’s flow lacked a bit, but was overshadowed by the frequent twist and turns. It was interesting because at times, I was conflicted as to who I was rooting for. It was as though the characters were constantly one-upping the other, although Clyde’s methods were a bit more extreme. I found myself constantly guessing his intentions and what game he was playing. Although completely unrealistic, it was really fun to watch as one man takes down the justice system from prison. It was very interesting watching Clyde’s transformation from quiet family man to vengeance seeking vigilante killing in the name of his family. Although, we learn that there is more to Clyde than meets the eye.

The most entertaining element of this movie is the elaborate deaths that take occur. Throughout the entire film, I was thinking, “uh oh, how is this person going to die”? There were frequent moments that caught me off guard, and left me sitting there in shock. Some of the deaths were very graphic in nature, and a little over the top. That’s not a bad thing. The movie as a whole was enjoyable. Thrill seekers beware, Law Abiding Citizen is a ride full of intense twist and turns.

Grade: A

Review By: Gable White


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