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It’s the next chapter in the Twilight series. New Moon is available everywhere on March 20th, but we were lucky enough to get an advance copy to review. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, in this chapter, Edward decides it best to erase himself from Bella’s life. Edward leaves along with the rest of his family, thinking that he is doing what is best for Bella – and keeping her safe. Only Bella is completely heartbroken and enters a deep depression. She realizes that if she enters into dangerous situations, she sees Edward. This only provokes her into hazardous situations. It’s not all bad though – there is one good thing that comes from Edward’s absence and that is her bond with her best friend Jacob Black. However, Jacob has some supernatural secrets of his own.

If you’re a girl – I think it’s impossible not to love the Twilight books and movies. Those that say otherwise are either lying or simply haven’t seen or read the series. There’s a 14 year girl inside of all of us that dreams of that perfect guy. Stephenie Meyers does an excellent job at bringing that dream to life with Edward and the Romeo And Juliet style love story of New Moon. That being said, it was my least favorite book of the four, and I imagine it will probably be my least favorite film once all of the films have been released. I mean, did we all not have to keep ourselves from skipping ahead in the book to see when and if Edward would return – sheer torture for any romantic.

Twilight fans really don’t need a review to convince them that this is a must own for their collection. What I will say is try to get one of the special editions that are being advertised at the different retailers. The plain two-disc special edition comes without any glimpse into Eclipse and has just an overall disappointing collection of special features. There is a killer 6-part documentary that lasts about a hour – but other than that you’re only getting audio commentary, music videos, and band rehearsal footage. You’ll be left wanting more and jealous of your friends that bought the other editions.

Want even more Twilight goodness? Check out Twilight In Forks: The Saga Of The Real Town. It comes out the same day and gives you an awesome look at the town that inspired the series.

Grade: B (Merely for the lack of special features.)

Review By: Emma Loggins

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  1. Great review! If I may quote your own words, “That being said, it was my least favorite book of the four, and I imagine it will probably be my least favorite film once all of the films have been released.”, my feelings exactly. I do agree with you on taking advantage of the excellent variety of special features available this go-around, it is defenitely worth the extra $8-$12 [depending on store]. 5 out of 5 for review, love it and well said!