DVD Review: March Of The Penguins Giftset

March of the Penguins is marching straight into the hearts of holiday shoppers with the release of the Limited Edition Giftset on DVD November 3. The giftset will include an all-new feature-length documentary, On the Wings of Penguins, a plush African penguin toy and collectible postcards – a gift sure to delight.

March of the Penguins has been re-released in a sweet giftset for the holiday season. The limited edition giftset includes the original film, an all-new feature-length documentary On The Wings of Penguins, collectable postcards, and an adorable little push African penguin toy.

One who knows me might say that all you really had to do was package this with a cute little stuff animal and I’d be all about it. But there is more here than just a bunch of “awes”, March of the Penguins is an excellent documentary focusing on the lives of emperor penguins and their amazing journey to find their mate and start a family. It’s sad, sweet, and happy – and the film puts you right in the middle of all the action. Between risking starvation and attacks by threatening predators – these penguins truly face it all in the quest for love and protecting their offspring.

The new documentary, On The Wings of Penguins, provides a fasinating look into the lives of the Africian penguins. While this breed of penguin doesn’t face the harsh winters that the emperor penguins do, that doesn’t mean they’re without their own set of obstacles. From oil spills to huricanes, these little guys remain tough. They’re a favorite at zoos and aquariums across the world, and now you can learn a little bit more about the lives of those in the wild.

The best recommendation for this one is to pick it for an animal lover. Between the movie, the new documentary, and the cute little plush, it’s the perfect Christimas gift.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: A
Official site: http://www.wbshop.com
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