DVD Review: Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen (the creator and star of Borat) returns to the big screen in the hilarious adventures of Austria’s favorite fashionista, Bruno. In this gleefully anarchic mockumentary, the flamboyant television host loses his homeland talk show, “Funkyzeit,” and does what any self-respecting wannabe would do – he moves to Hollywood to pursue worldwide super-stardom. From worlds of fashion and entertainment to the military, Bruno puts his worst foot forward as Baron Cohen fearlessly tramples the boundaries of good taste in ways that confound celebrities and just plain folks alike. Fans of Baron Cohen’s gonzo comedy can look forward to an hour’s worth of hysterical scenes not shown in theaters on both the DVD and Blu-ray versions.

Bruno is just as outlandish as Borat. Just as uncomfortable, inappropiate, and laugh-out-loud hilarious as well. Sacha Baron Cohen stars as the unforgettable Bruno, who is traveling the world in search of fame. It’s hard to imagine that Cohen could have gotten away with as much of this film as he did. Afterall one would think after Borat that he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without being noticed. Regardless of how many of the encounters are scripted or awkwardly real, it’s one of the year’s most entertaining comedies.

The film revolves around Bruno’s desire to acheive worldwide fame – a task he believes can only be accomplished in America. After his talk show is cancelled in Austria, Bruno heads to the states. He tries “adopting” a baby from Africa and producing a TV pilot, but nothing seems to be getting him the fame he’s seeking. He’s escapades are priceless – though not as uncomfortable as some of the encounters in Borat. It’s a very distinct form of comedy, and it’s not for everyone.

It’s raunchy and it works. If you didn’t like Borat, changes are you’ll feel the same way about Bruno. However, if you can handle the cringing and fits of laughter, you’ll thoroughly enjoy it. The extras on the Blu-ray aren’t too shabby either. There’s exclusive video commentary with Sacha Baron Cohen and Director Larry Charles, an hour of alternative/deleted/extended scenes that weren’t show in theathers, and an interview with Bruno’s real Hollywood agent – Lloyd Robinson.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: A-
Official site: http://www.brunomovie.net
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