‘The Marksman’ Blu-Ray Review: A Fun Action Flick with Liam Neeson

The Marksman

I hate to say this, but sometimes it feels like Liam Neeson is becoming the next Nicholas Cage. Don’t get me wrong, I love Liam Neeson, but it seems like every few months, the talented dramatic actor drops a high-speed action flick we were not expecting. The Marksman is the latest film from Neeson that places him in the lead role of an unlikely action star.

Neeson plays Jim Hanson, a Former Marine sniper that lives along the Arizona-Mexico border. He spends his spare time patrolling the border and calling in illegal crossings. Then one day, he comes across a child named Miguel and his mother Rosa and finds they are being chased by a Mexican cartel. After a shootout that ends up with Rosa dead and a high-ranking cartel member dead as well, Jim finds himself on a mission to get Miguel to Chicago with the cartel on his trail the entire time. Along the way, he encounters corrupt police and cartel traps and ultimately ends up in a final showdown.

This film has a few things going for it. First, Neeson is a top-notch actor, and he brings that effort to every role. In the hands of another actor, the role might seem hammy or unreal, but he quickly establishes the character and gives it a level of realism. 

Another thing going is the cinematography and direction. Director Robert Lorenz is best known for his collaborations with Clint Eastwood and has even been nominated for an Oscar. This comes through strongly as you are watching the film. The relationship between Jim and Miguel is also an exciting watch, and you see them grow closer as the film progresses. Overall, there’s nothing really original or high-concept about the film, but the direction and performances keep it from being something unwatchable or boring or cheesy.

The film plays like a western, so the color palette has a lot of earthy tones and muted colors. Everything looks natural, and the details are precise, with the print being clean and no noise in the transfer. The audio is DTS HD Master Audio track with Neeson’s trademark gravelly American voice the star of the show. The sound is well-done in the action scenes, and the dialog is clear.

As far as extras, there is a The Making of The Marksman featurette with filmmakers and cast discuss the richness of the story and characters and their experiences working with legendary actor Liam Neeson.

Overall, the performances make this a stronger film than it probably would be otherwise. It’s worth a watch, and somehow, it’s just fun to watch Neeson in the action role.

The Marksman is available from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment on Tuesday, May 11th.

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