What’s New on BritBox for June 2021

Brit Box

BritBox is a U.S. subscription video-on-demand service owned by BBC Worldwide and ITV plc. It focuses primarily on British television series, featuring current and past series supplied from the BBC and ITV. Some series, such as Coronation Street, have new episodes available the next day after their British premiere.

Here’s what’s coming to BritBox in June!

June 1, 2021: The Syndicate: Double or Nothing

When the owners of Woodvale Kennels announce they are selling the business to a large corporate chain, staff members Keeley (Katherine Rose Morely, Last Tango in Halifax) Jake (Kieran Urquhart, Vera), Roxy (Taj Atwal, Line of Duty), Gemma (Liberty Hobbs, Grey’s Anatomy) and Colette (Emily Head, The Inbetweeners) are devastated to learn that they may be out of a job. Dependent on their pay to get them from one month to the next, the weekly lottery looks like the only lifeline to gambling addict Keeley. Excitement takes over when the machine goes off after checking the ticket with local news agent Frank (Neil Morrissey, Line of Duty) – but is everything that it seems? Will the syndicate get what’s rightfully theirs? Watch as these kennel workers spend every last penny they own, from Yorkshire to Monaco, to see justice through.

June 8, 2021: Murder, Mystery and My Family S4: Case Closed? S2

Two leading British criminal barristers, Jeremy and Sasha, re-investigate historical murder cases in this return of the award-winning true crime series. The series continues to follow the emotional journey of modern-day descendants who are trying to clear the names of relatives executed for murder. However, the stories don’t always end there, and with new companion series Murder, Mystery and My Family: Case Closed? S2, Jeremy and Sasha revisit some of the cases they investigated previously and catch up with the family members about new developments since the original programs aired. The series further updates viewers on the family’s quest to clear their relation’s name, and is filled with unexpected reunions and new evidence.

June 15, 2021: Intruder

Affluent, high-flying couple Rebecca (Elaine Cassidy, The Paradise) and Sam (Tom Meeten, The Ghoul) live an idyllic life in their luxurious coastal house – that is until their paradise is shattered one night when two teenagers break into their home. In a rage, Sam kills one of the intruders, Syed Khali, who is trying to escape through a window. Realizing that Sam actually murdered the intruder, not in self-defense, the couple hatch a plan to restage the crime scene and change their stories before the police arrive. At first, they seem to have gotten away with their lie, however, as the investigation intensifies, their cover-up starts to unravel. Exactly how far are Rebecca and Sam willing to go to protect the life they have created?

June 22, 2021: Inside No. 9 S6

A deliciously dark comedy anthology series that tells unique and daring stories related to the number 9, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith’s award-winning series returns with season 6. The sixth anthology of films brings together an always-surprising mixture of comedy, drama, horror and thriller – all designed to delight and confound.  With a stellar cast of guest stars including Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones), Sian Clifford (Fleabag), Adrian Dunbar (Line of Duty), Lindsay Duncan (Black Mirror), Paterson Joseph (Noughts + Crosses) and Derek Jacobi (The Last Tango in Halifax), these are unique tales that will either make you shake with fear or shriek with laughter – or both.

Is there anything that looks interesting to you? I have been watching for a little while and there’s a lot of great stuff on BritBox. Have you tried the service? Do you have a favorite?


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