What ‘Four Good Days’ Leaves Out of the Story About Drug Addiction

four good days

One of the most recent important movies is called Four Good Days. This movie is a true story of a mom and daughter’s tense relationship due to the daughter’s addiction and the fight against it. The mother’s, Deb, is played by Glenn Close and the daughter’s, Molly, is played by Mila Kunis in this movie, in one of the actress’s darkest roles since Black Swan. [Spoilers ahead!]

Why is Four Good Days Such An Important Movie?

This movie is so important because it hits home for many Americans today when it comes to drug addiction. Drug addiction is one of the main problems (if not the main problem) that affects and sometimes destroys sufferers and their loved ones.

Four Good Days shows many similar instances that happen in real life to people and their loved ones. It shows the struggles the mom and daughter’s relationship endures when it comes to dealing with drug addiction. The daughter stole valuable items from her mom’s home, i.e. the guitars. Also, there is so much drama between the two when it comes to withdrawals, detoxing, and other issues from the past that comes to a rift in their relationship.

One of Molly’s drug choices is heroin. Parenteral heroin at a dose of 5mg is the approximate amount of 20 mg of oral methadone. Methadone usually causes… undesirable effects, to say the least. So, a person can only imagine what addicts of this and more goes through along with family/friends.

The Story of Four Good Days

Molly gained an opioid addiction after going through a teenage injury and an Oxycontin prescription. Her mom has been supporting her through it all. However, after a while, Deb made it so that Molly was not allowed to come back home until she gets help. This culminated after dealing with Molly and her drug addiction for several years, and after she stole her stepfather’s guitars.

Molly struggled with addiction for 10 years. She also has been in and out of rehab and treatment 14 times, and her mom did her best to support her through it all. It came to a point where Molly came back to her mom’s home, and this time Molly said that she was serious about quitting. Molly was addicted to heroin, crack, methadone, and Adderall.

Molly and Deb went together to a clinic and consulted with Dr. Ortiz. He stated that the relapse rate for heroin is 95%, and Molly will need a lot of support to help her overcome this addiction for good. He did, however, say that an opioid antagonist might help her, but she had to remain clean for four days to qualify for this medication.

Even though four days may seem like a lifetime for an addict, she knew that she must do this or else she may die. The stakes are very high. It’s definitely not a first-time DUI offense, where the guilty can get a year in jail and $1000 in fines in the state of Maryland. While that could seem life-or-death at the moment, losing a year of your life to jail is worlds different than losing your life altogether.

What Else Should’ve Been Included in This Movie?

There were certain aspects that need to be shown in this movie, so people can know the struggles addicts and their loved ones go through. In addition to her stealing guitars and admitting to going to a store to steal for her habit, she also did other things that drug addicts usually do. These other things include spending time in abandoned buildings, her teeth rotting, and running out of veins to use to shoot drugs into.

However, there should have been some more solutions given in this movie to show other tools addicts can use. Molly had other addictions than heroin, so an opioid antagonist was not the only solution. There are, for instance, pills given in rehabs so that crack addicts won’t have the desire to get high.

Drug addiction is a very serious plague that affects millions of Americans. This serious issue is not an easy situation, like getting a bail bond to use as a surety and pledge property or money. This is a sickness that severely affects the addicts’ minds, bodies, and close relationships.

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