Aspiring Filmmakers: Start-Up Guide


The filming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that has been around for decades. It is such an essential part of the entertainment world, and it continues to grow in popularity every year. 

This article will cover everything you need to know about filming, including how filming started, what equipment you need, and where filming can take place. If you’re curious about filming or want to get into the film business, then this article will be perfect for you.

The art of filming started in the late 1800s with Thomas Edison’s Kinetoscope. In 1895, the film was invented, but cameras were not portable until 1915 when 16 mm film became popular.

If you are a beginner filmmaker or have never made movies before, making movies can seem like an easy task. However, it takes more than just having the idea in mind of how your film will look, as there is so much preparation that goes into each project. 

Before even deciding which genre to go with or writing out scenes, here are some things you need to think about: who’s going to star in your film, where you will film it, and what equipment do you need.

If you want to start filming yourself and don’t own any equipment yet, then consider investing in a high-quality camera but not too expensive and lighting equipment such as stands to film properly.

Here Are Some Of The Filming Equipment That You Will Need

Use Drone Cameras For Aerial Shots:

Drones with camera capabilities or standard video camera attachments allow filmmakers to take shots from previously unattainable angles without risking their lives by being at higher altitudes such as flying through tight spaces or narrow passages like bridges, tunnels, and caves. 

Filmmakers would not be able to get these shots on foot or in vehicles due to safety and space restrictions. However, the different perspectives made possible by using these types of equipment are often very thrilling and beautiful.

Buy DJI drones are equipment that is used in making movies. Some people have no idea what equipment is needed to create high-quality films, but if you’ve ever watched a movie before then, it’s more than likely you know about the equipment because of the sound and picture clarity.

The movies you want to create will determine the drone that is right for you. If your footage needs to be high quality, then a professional-grade camera and gimbal are required. 

You can use a camera to take photos or videos of your subject and light stands and backdrops for filming indoors or outdoors (depending on what type of shoot you’re doing). You’ll also need editing software where you can cut out parts of footage if desired.

Mounting Equipment: 

When using drones and cameras, mount each piece securely so that things don’t come crashing down unexpectedly while filming because this could lead to costly repairs or, even worse yet, an injury to either you or your equipment.

Lighting Equipment: 

Suppose it’s possible to do so, use adjustable and bright lights to illuminate the area where filming is taking place. In that case, this will ensure quality footage even if there’s a bit of darkness present.

Use a Microphone: 

A good quality microphone is crucial, especially if you’re making movies outdoors where the background noise can get picked up by equipment like your video camera. 

For indoor scenes, make sure to close off any rooms with other people or loud equipment going on, as it will cause problems with recording sound for your movie unless they’re muted before filming begins. Which, of course, doesn’t work outside since there’s no way to know what will be happening around when you start shooting!

Don’t Forget About Equipment Maintenance:

Be sure to keep equipment like cameras dry when possible. Store your equipment in a place where it will be safe (such as an equipment case) so nothing gets broken during transport. 

Be sure to wipe microphones with a damp cloth after use if they were outside filming because this should prevent them from getting too dirty over time due to dust accumulation on their surfaces while being exposed outdoors.

Use An Editing Software Program: 

Once all your footage has been captured on video (or transferred from film reels), load up an editing suite like Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Windows with which to assemble it into a movie project. This process entails adding titles and sound effects while cutting out unwanted scenes before exporting the final product in a finished video file (.mpg) format.

It’s easy to get started making movies with equipment like drones, microphones, and an editing suite. All you need is the equipment that is listed above and some start-up capital (usually around $500-$1000) to afford these necessities before investing in any other equipment – such as lights, tripods, or even movie props, for example. 

Filming Location:

Filming locations include anything from an indoor site like a studio to outdoor areas such as national parks! 

Filming could happen anywhere depending on preference; however, it is essential to note that some places require special permits, so be sure to talk about filming with an expert before filming!

Filming can take place in a studio or the natural world. For example, filming could be done anywhere from New York City to Mt. Everest Base Camp while filming for National Geographic’s “Worlds Apart.”

Don’t Forget About Copyright Protection! 

It might also be wise to get acquainted with the copyright laws in your country of residence – as well as those for any other countries you plan to share footage from – and ensure that all logos, trademarks, or copyrighted material are correctly noted before uploading.

Choosing Your Movie Genre 

Movies can be divided into many categories. Therefore, it is crucial to know the differences between movie genres before making your movie. 

As everyone knows, each movie genre is suited for different audiences and moods.

The Differences Between Movie Genres

Action Movies

Action movies focus on intense sequences of fighting, car chases, or shootouts. They use much physical violence like guns, bombs, knives, or martial arts fights for dramatic effect. 

This genre includes films like “The Bourne Ultimatum” with high-octane action sequences with complex plots and well-developed characters set against fast-paced, dramatic storylines. 

Examples include “Scarface,” “Menace II Society,” and “Law Abiding Citizen.” 

These movie genres often depict violence and illicit drug use in an uncaring, nihilistic manner because they want to grab viewers’ attention. 

Some have shocking moments throughout, such as when Neo has to battle Agent Smith. However, this movie still demonstrates what it means to never give up on something you want because they both know that it’s worth fighting for.

Drama Movie

Drama movies are a movie genre that focuses on the emotional aspects of life such as love, death, family, and other relationships. 

Examples include “The Shawshank Redemption,” where the protagonist Andy Dufresne struggles with serving his sentence in jail for decades for crimes he did not commit and also to find redemption. 

“Million Dollar Baby” chronicles an aging boxing trainer’s relationship with a female boxer who is determined to become world champion at any cost.

These films often have sad endings, but they still offer hope because there is always a chance of redemption, no matter how bad life gets.

Romantic Movie

Romantic movies are characterized by romance and usually have happy endings like “Love Story.” These films often focus on the relationship between two people who fall in love but face various obstacles to their happy ending, such as evil ex-boyfriends or fear that they will never make it because of conflicting lifestyles. 

Examples include “Pretty Woman,” which shows how Vivian Ward becomes romantically involved with wealthy businessman Edward Lewis while working as a prostitute.

“Titanic” where Rose DeWitt Bukater falls for Jack Dawson from the first time she meets him at the start of her journey aboard the Titanic.

Horror Movie

Horror movies are a movie genre that focuses on terrifying sequences of events and usually has very frightening endings. 

Examples include “The Shining,” which depicts the descent into madness by an aspiring writer, his wife, and their young son, who live in isolation at a remote hotel for the winter as caretakers.

“A Quiet Place” where unseen creatures threaten to destroy everything unless they keep absolutely silent. 

These films often give viewers nightmares because they focus heavily on death without showing any redemption or hope from it all, even if not everyone dies in these types of movie genres.

Sci-Fi Movie

Sci-Fi movies are a movie genre with considerable scientific detail, such as futuristic societies, time travel, space exploration, and the construction of robots. 

Examples include “Blade Runner,” which depicts a future in 2019 where rain has become toxic, making Earth’s surface uninhabitable except for communities built under domes.

“Jurassic Park” as scientists create life forms from prehistoric DNA extracted from fossilized mosquitoes to be displayed at the park.

Animated Movie

Animated movies are film types that use computers to produce images instead of live-action footage or drawings on paper, illustrated frames, etc. 

Sometimes animators use different techniques such as stop motion, claymation, or puppet manipulation. Examples of these movie genres include “Toy Story,” which depicts a boy’s best friend, Woody, kidnapped and brought to a daycare center by an evil toddler.

Documentary Movie

Documentaries are movie genres that provide information about a topic. They often have interviews with people who know more about the subject matter and use the footage to show what is happening at the moment on screen.

These movie genres also give viewers access to events they would not be able to see otherwise.


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