The Ultimate Geek Lifestyle Challenge Checklist

Movie Date Night

If you asked most people what they have on their lifestyle checklist, you’d probably hear things like romantic vacations to exotic places and stuff like that. But the geek culture offers something different. The ever-growing nerd world provides a universe of movie adaptations, conventions, comics, innovative characters, collectibles, and so much more! Do you want to add more fun to your normal geek lifestyle? Then you might want to take this lifestyle challenge checklist.

Take on tech DIY projects and other geeky tasks

Why give your faulty gadgets to a repair guy when you can fix them yourself? Or at least try to. A part of being nerdy is curiosity and hands-on experience. Are you up for the challenge? Nerdy tech projects are a must, and giving yourself a shot at them is something you should have on your geek lifestyle checklist. Fortunately, there are numerous tutorials all over the internet to help you through your nerdy-tech DIY projects. However, when it seems technical or dangerous, be sure to hand it over to a professional. 

Visit the home of the WWII codebreakers

If you ever find yourself planning any vacation travel, you need to pay a visit to the home of the WWII code breakers. It is an opportune time to feel like Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in The Imitation Game while learning more about these historic cryptographers. Like in the movie, Bletchley Park offered residence for a group of people who cracked the German Lorenz and Enigma codes. These codebreakers played a considerable role in saving countless lives and possibly helping end WWII early. If there is any historical site you need to visit, this is located in Milton Keynes. 

Convert a non-geek to the geek world

It’s not odd for geeks to hang out together – it’s more fun that way, as you’ll have people who share your passions around you. However, every geek has one or two non-geek friends who have no idea what they’re missing out on. So, another thing worth having on your ultimate lifestyle checklist is something more of a challenge – convert a non-geek to this wonderful geekdom. 

Create a collection of your favorite movies and game memorabilia

Star Wars, Marvel Comics superheroes, Pokemon, geeky toys, name them – take the time to create the ultimate collection of memorabilia of all the movies, movie characters, video games, game characters, and anime you love the most. And be proud to decorate your collection in a special place in your home. 

Invest in the future

The digital world is no longer the future; it is the present, even more so in the face of the current global pandemic. If you’re like most geeks, you probably already spend loads of time online. Have you considered creating a revenue stream from an online venture, investment, or business? There are several options available to you. For example, you can buy crypto, trade with stocks, create an online business, etc. If you already love coding and programming, perhaps you can create problem-solving apps or gaming and leisure apps. 

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