DVD Review: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

Join the four best friends as they finish their first year of college and dive into a summer of excitement. Bridget (Blake Lively) journeys to Turkey on an archeological dig. Carmen (America Ferrera) plunges into the hectic, creative world of summer theater in Vermont. Lena (Alexis Bledel) discovers new love and old heartbreak at the Rhode Island School of Design. And in the Big Apple, Tibby (Amber Tamblyn) takes a big step in her relationship with Brian. Romance, laughs, tears and that magical pair of jeans that keeps the girls together even when theyre far apart all here in a heart-lifting second film based on Ann Brashares bestsellers. Its a perfect fit.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is based off of the best-selling book series by Ann Brashares. The movie, as well as the series, follows four best friends who travel away from each other yet share one thing in common. They can all fit into the same pair of magical jeans that they share among themselves.

You don’t have to have seen the first movie in order to figure out what’s going on with this one, although it probably does help your attachment to the characters if you know a little bit more of their back stories. In this sequel, we catch up with Tibby, Carmen, Bridget, and Lena in the first few months following their freshman year of college. Carmen assumes that they will all be spending the summer at home together, while the other girls have all made exciting plans with their school breaks. Slightly annoyed and hurt, Carmen follows suit and makes plans of her own, which means acting camp in Vermont. Only, it turns out to be a completely different experience than she bargained for. Tibby gets a job at a movie rental store and proceeds to make a mess of her personal life. Lena takes a figure drawing class and finds herself awkwardly interested in the model for the class after finding out that her true love has gotten married and has a child on the way. Bridget finds herself on an archaeological dig in Turkey, which ends up providing her enlightenment on her own life thus sending her to Alabama to visit with her grandmother.

The movie has its share of laughs, romances, heartbreaks, and painstaking choices that have to be made. It’s a great movie for girls who are having a slumber party or for a couple of best friends to sit back and watch as well. Boys will without doubt hate this movie, even though Blake Lively’s model-esque good looks will probably make it a tad more bearable for them. It is a great movie about friendship though, about the struggles to keep it together across life changing events and great distances. It’s just as entertaining as the first movie, and it will leave you with hopes that there will be a third edition. The fourth and last book in the series has been released, so hopefully we’ll see movies based off of the last two books in the near future as well.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: B+
Official site: http://www.sisterhoodofthetravelingpants2.com/
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