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You’ve heard how it was back in the day. People communicated with smoke signals. Or tin cans and a string. That was before YouTube. Before MySpace. And before teen Colby Bellinger (Mathew Botuchis) secretly installed nanny-cams and turned his family into the internet’s first Live Feed! reality show. Pocketing a cool $17K a week, Colby convinces his parents (Beau Bridges and Rosanna Arquette) that dysfunction sells. Something else sells, too: the vid stream of Colby’s 18-year-old stepsister Audrey (Baelyn Neff), whose unwitting on-cam display of assets launches his enterprise in a big way. Nothing good on TV? Log on. The Bellingers are just getting started.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually enjoyed this film. I think it may appeal more to a young internet savvy crowd who will be able to appreciate everything down to the html coding in the opening credits.

The story revolves around Colby, a teenager who secretly installs nanny cams throughout his family’s home and then broadcasts it all to the world. It soon becomes a huge success, and after the shock wears off from his unwilling family members, they find themselves realizing that this could be the answer to their financial woes.

As the level of drama in the family fluctuates, the ratings do as well. Colby and his girlfriend plot new drama that can occur to bring the ratings back up, but in the meantime, the “acting” becomes a bit more of a reality than they want to admit.

I’m personally not a fan of reality television, so I was able to appreciate how this film placed a spotlight on how ridiculous the drama is that people tune in for. While the film isn’t overly original, it still manages to be entertaining. The acting is quite good, the writing is believable, the dialogue is witty, and the progression throughout the plot seems viable.

Special features aren’t too impressive – a trailer, additional scenes, and a 15 minute featurette. But overall, a pretty good release. Definitely one that I would recommend for the 18-24 crowd.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: B+
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