DVD Review: The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk (2008) kicks off an all-new, explosive and action-packed epic of one of the most popular Super Heroes of all time. In this new beginning, scientist Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) desperately hunts for a cure to the gamma radiation that poisoned his cells and unleashes the unbridled force of rage within him: The Hulk. Living in the shadows – cut off from a life he knew and the woman he loves, Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) – Banner struggles to avoid the obsessive pursuit of his nemesis, General Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt), and the military machinery that seeks to capture him and brutally exploit his power.

It was about four years ago that Hollywood tried with all their might, but fell short with Hulk starring Eric Bana. It was nothing but CGI effects, and looked like a video game throughout. So why not hire a different director, pick a different leading man, and do it all again?

Bruce Banner is a scientist who has a deep, dark, green secret that lies within. When he is pushed beyond his limits, or backed into a corner, he transforms into something out of this world, something incredible.

The military wants him. They want to steal his power to create a race of super soldiers. Bruce knows that if he lets his gift get into the wrong hands, it could very well be the end for everyone. All he wants to do is get it out of him and live a normal life. Unfortunately for him, that is easier said than done, with a power crazed general (William Hurt), and a hopped up mercenary (Tim Roth), with a little secret of his own, one step behind.

It was a great decision to cast Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. I don’t know a handful of people that aren’t Norton fans. William Hurt playing the heavy antagonist wasn’t a bad move either, since that’s mostly all he plays in films. Tim Roth as the adversary was too cool for school, since I grew up watching him in Quentin Tarantino movies.

The choice of Louis Leterrier as the director was also kind of a shock. He has only made two movies prior to this summer blockbuster smash. I was a big time fan of Transporter 2, and Jet Li’s Unleashed, so I had a feeling this movie was in good hands across the board.

The creature fight scenes still had that too video game’ish’ look to them, but all in all I was pleased to see it didn’t bite wind like the first attempt at Hulk. It doesn’t even compare to Iron Man and The Dark Knight, but then again how could it? It takes a distant third place as far as summer action, yet it is still worth checking out. Pick up a copy next time your in your local movie watering hole.

Review by Charlie Giltenboth

Grade: B-
Official site: http://incrediblehulk.marvel.com/
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