DVD Review: Roman

Lucky McKee Stars in his menacing follow-up to the 2002 cult hit, MAY; DVD Features: 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, Widescreen, Interview with the Cast, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Filmmaker’s Commentary

This 2006 movie is probably one of the worst movies ever put out. It is listed as a horror, which just brings the genre down. The script is very poorly written and, as such, needed a paramedic, not a director. The pace of the entire movie drug to the point that any watching needs a twelve pack of redbull. Overall, don’t watch if you want to be entertained.

To start out, the movie is a convoluted mess. The story is tortured and unimaginative. It is a very dark movie with extremely weak dialogue. Lucky McKee, who also plays the main character, needs to redo his time at USC.

Most people will probably turn to the movie because of Kristen Bell being in it. She is the bright part of the movie and is killed as part of the first plot point. Nectar Rose and Lucky McKee kill any hope of the movie being able to be watched after that.

The music is appropriate for the movie, which isn’t saying much. The cinematography is simple and makes Kevin Smith’s Clerks seem to be genius. Angela Bettis, perhaps, needs to remain in front of the camera. It makes one wonder if this was a serious attempt at filmmaking. The quarter of a million dollar budget was wasted.

Kristen Bell’s character is perky and enjoyable. Bettis and McKee prove that not everyone should tell that they went to film school. This movie misses badly.

Review by Paul Shannon

Grade: F
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