‘The Nevers’ Season 1 Part 1 Review: Victorian London Meets Sci-fi

The Nevers Season 1

The Nevers is a science fiction/drama television series created by Joss Whedon that premiered on HBO in Spring 2021. And it tells the story of a number of individuals who suddenly manifest unusual supernatural powers and find themselves on a mission that may very well change the world.

In August of 1896, Victorian London is rocked to its foundations by a supernatural event that gives certain people (mostly women) special abilities that range from amazing to disturbing. But no matter their particular “turns,” all who belong to this new underclass are in grave danger.

It falls to a mysterious widow named Amalia True and a brilliant young inventor Penance Adair to protect and shelter these gifted “orphans.” To do so, they will have to face the brutal forces determined to annihilate their kind.

This is one of those shows that is hard to describe and especially hard to describe without giving away too much. Even though Whendon actually stepped down from the show mid-stream, the Joss Whedon influence, as usual, does a great job weaving a fully formed universe and the story always keeps you wanting to know where it’s going to go.

A Strong Female Cast

It also has his key element of a strong female cast. The cast, while largely unknown (to me, at least) is solid and believable. Most appealing to me is the setting. The portrayal of Victorian London is amazing. From the architecture and other set pieces to the costumes, it really immerses you in the times and takes you on an adventure to another time and place. It’s really just stunning to watch.

I will say that with this being the first half of a season yet to be finished I would say this is a season of world-building. There are plots, subplots, and dangling threads all around with not a lot of resolution. This is entirely understandable in the context of an entire season. That’s what you might expect midway into any series, but I think it’s just important to understand that resolution is coming next year, so don’t be too worried about how this particular set ends.

Special Features:

  • A Touch of Power: The Themes Behind The Nevers
  • Accustomed to the Impossible: The Making of The Nevers
  • Introducing The Nevers ( Featurette )
  • A New Age of Power ( Featurette )
  • Character Portrait:Amalia True ( Featurette )
  • Character Portrait:Penance Adair ( Featurette )
  • Character Portrait:Mary Brighton ( Featurette )
  • Character Portrait: Annie Bonfire ( Featurette )
  • Creating The Nevers: A Night at the Opera ( Featurette )
  • Creating The Nevers: A Charitable Event ( Featurette )
  • Creating The Nevers: Walking on Water ( Featurette )
  • Character Portrait: Detective Frank Mundi ( Featurette )
  • Character Portrait: Augie Bidlow & Hugo Swann ( Featurette )
  • Villains of The Nevers ( Featurette )
  • Creating The Nevers: Confrontation and Translation ( Featurette )
  • Creating The Nevers: Shock and Awe ( Featurette )
  • Creating The Nevers: Telling Time ( Featurette )
  • The Craft: Editor, Lisa Lassek ( Featurette )
  • The Craft: VFX Supervisor, Johnny Han ( Featurette )
  • The Craft: Director, Zetna Fuentes ( Featurette )

The Six One-Hour Episodes include: Pilot, Undertaking, Exposure, Hanged, Ignition, and True.

In a strange decision, the first season will consist of 12 episodes total, split into two six-episode parts (this release), with the second half debuting in 2022. I personally would have gone the British method and just called them Seasons 1 and 2 but that’s not a decision for me to make.

The Nevers is currently available from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment,


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