Deadpool 3 Release Date, Cast, the MCU, and More!

Deadpool 3

Thanks to one of Disney’s countless company acquisitions, Wade Wilson is here to bring sexy back to the Marvel cinematic universe canon.

Instead of remaining on the outskirts of Marvel content as one of the ragtag, sort-of members of the X-Men, he’ll officially be MCU material. But don’t worry. Deadpool 3 being canon won’t come with a lower MPA rating. Kevin Feige confirms that Deadpool 3 will still give Wade the license to maintain his R-rated antics.

Deadpool 3: Joining the MCU

It’s official! Deadpool is now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Phase 4 of the MCU comes with a lot of changes, including the retiring of the original heroes and the rise of the new characters assuming their place at the helm of the Avengers. Deadpool and his R-rated appearance is just one more addition.

As the characters get darker and face more complicated problems (Wanda choosing to let her family fall out of existence, anyone?), Marvel is shifting ever so slightly away from the original tone of their family-friendly flicks.

The original Deadpool movies were produced by 20th Century Fox Studio. In addition to Deadpool 1 and 2, they were also the creators of the X-Men movies. Now that Disney owns Fox, they’re incorporating Deadpool into the fold of the MCU.

But wait: how will they deal with the fact that there are two movies not in canon? 

The answer lies in the multiverse. 

With shows like What If…? and Loki putting the concept of multiple realities front and center, the creative team can have a field day incorporating content in a consequence-free way. 

Does something not fit into canon? Well, it does if it happened in one of the infinite alternative realities.

They will continue to explore this concept directly in Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness, set to release in 2022. 

Filming and production

When the front-runner of your series is such a prolific actor, it’s hard to fit in filming between all these other projects. This is something the team behind Mandalorian season 3 is experiencing, as Pedro Pascal is tied up filming The Last of Us for HBO.

According to Feige: “Ryan (Reynolds) is a very busy, very successful actor. We’ve got a number of things we’ve already announced that we now have to make [first], but it’s exciting for it to have begun.” He’s referring to films like Free Guy, which was released on August 13, 2021. 

Ryan Reynolds says he’s “70% sure” they will begin in 2022, but with so much juggling, things are still very much up in the air. 

However, the process has begun; Reynolds was reportedly overseeing a script back in January 2021.

Working on a script

Reynolds works much more closely with the writing team than most superhero stars. He’s working alongside Emmy Award-winning duo Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin.

And yes, the matching last names are because they’re sisters. Their repertoire includes writing multiple critically-acclaimed Bob’s Burgers episodes, a show that relies on wit and comedic timing. They also created and served as executive producers for The Great North, another animated comedy show that stars the likes of Nick Offerman, Jenny Slate, and Will Forte.

Deadpool 3 release date

Updated October 19, 2021

As for the release date, there’s no concrete information about when we’ll expect to see Wade Wilson hit the big screen again. Though there was a strong fan theory that it could be November 10, 2023.

After the big shift of Marvel premiere dates, this could potentially be November 3, 2023 – as Marvel still has a release date scheduled for an untitled Marvel project.

As of October 18, 2021, Disney has pushed the entire Marvel 2022 and 2023 schedule back by several months. Here are the updated release dates:

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – May 6, 2022 (Originally scheduled for March 2022)
  • Thor: Love and Thunder – July 8, 2022 (Originally scheduled for May 2022)
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – November 11, 2022 (Originally scheduled for July 2022)
  • The Marvels – February 17, 2023 (Originally November 2022)
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – July 28, 2023 (Originally scheduled for February 2023)

Additionally, two untitled projects, which were previously scheduled for July 28, 2023 and Oct. 6, 2021, have been removed from the schedule completely. Another untitled film, previously set for Nov. 10, 2023, has been moved to Nov. 3, 2023.

When can I watch the Deadpool 3 Trailer?

It’s going to be a while, as filming probably won’t start until sometime in 2022. However, there are some fun fan teasers that are worth checking out.

In Screen Culture’s teaser for Deadpool 3, we see him hanging out with Korg, so his infiltration (in this take) into the MCU has already begun. Granted this isn’t an official trailer – but we’re pretty big fans nonetheless.

Once the official Deadpool 3 trailer releases, we promise we’ll update this post.

Deadpool 3 cast

The only hints we have about who will return in Deadpool 3 are the people Wade chose to resurrect in the post-credits sequence in Deadpool 2. Against all logic, he saved Peter, played by Rob Delaney, but funding and personal preference outside the film may have played a role in this decision. Reynolds just loved the character so much, so maybe he saved him just so he could return. 

The rest of the X-Force team? Well, they were too expensive to save. When you have people like James McAvoy, their salaries can get pretty pricey, so they chose to let them stay dead.

Zazie Beetz as Domino was the only other X-Force crew member to survive. Maybe she has a role in the next film as well.

We can also expect Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa to return, as she was also saved in the post-credit sequence.

However, the ending of Deadpool 2 gives us a bit of hope that Reynolds isn’t quite finished with Cable, the villain turned ally played by Josh Brolin.

Only problem? I’m not sure even the multiverse theory could explain why Cable has a sneaky resemblance to Thanos. Maybe Deadpool will break the fourth wall to address the obvious point that they’re played by the same actor. 

Only time will tell. 

What’s next for Deadpool?

Thankfully, with the MCU’s penchant for star-studded cameos and Wade’s meta-textual tomfoolery, we can hope that Deadpool will make an appearance in an MCU movie before Deadpool 3.

Maybe he’ll have some age-inappropriate advice for young Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home this December. Maybe he’ll pop up to annoy Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness. Deadpool is known for the unexpected, so it’s difficult to speculate just how he chooses to make his official MCU debut. 

Stay tuned! We’ll keep updating this post as more details surface. 

Are you excited about the film? Sound off with your thoughts and wishes for the movie in our comment section below!

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