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DVD Review: Darfur Now

DVD Review: Darfur Now


Making a difference. Now. This acclaimed, inspiring documentary follows six people who are striving to end the suffering in Sudan’s war-ravaged Darfur. The six – an American activist, an international prosecutor, a Sudanese rebel, a sheikh, a leader of the World Food Program, and Don Cheadle, who traverses the globe with fellow actor George Clooney to pressure world leaders – demonstrate the power of one individual to make extraordinary changes. Be an eyewitness to the tragedy and the triumphs, the fear and the pride. Meet the refugees, determined to return to their beloved homeland. And discover how you too can make a difference.

What can you say when you hear orphaned children crying, the tales of women raped and men killed? What do you say when you see people displaced from their homes and starving in refugee camps? The problem is there are no words – the devastation and horror runs too deep.

The documentary focuses on the stories of six very different people who affected by the atrocities of the Janjaweed (“demons on horses”) who mass murder villagers on behalf of the Sudanese government. Watching these stories quickly makes you answer the question Adam Sterling did after growing up hearing about his grandmother escaping the Holocaust: what you would do if the Holocaust had happened during your lifetime? Well, guess what? It’s happening again and right now. This genocide is not to create a master race; no, this brutality is for resources, religion, politics and money. Despite the Sudanese government’s insistence that this is not genocide but the result of war – “What war is ever merciful?” the Sudanese ambassador to the U.N. asks.

Though devastating and terrifying, Darfur Now makes a point to show you how to get active to help save the people who fight for their right to survive. What do you do when people are dying, waiting for your assistance?
You answer.

Review by Marie Holzer

Grade: A
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