DVD Review: Strange Wilderness

Animal enthusiast Peter Gaulke (Steve Zahn) and his sidekick Fred Wolf (Allen Covert) host an ailing wildlife TV show “Strange Wilderness,” which is in a steep ratings decline. Desperate to save the show, Peter hatches a Hail Mary scheme to find the one animal that could truly turn the show around and change the nature-show landscape forever – Bigfoot.

This film is definitely one for a “mature” audience and not for a 6 year old! As you can imagine, “Strange Wilderness,” isn’t too strange, it’s your typical Steven Zahn craziness, and sometimes it goes too far down Silly Street. The film is in the same tradition of a Will Ferrell movie, but the vast majority of his flicks keep your attention for the entire flick.

Peter Gaulk (Steven Zahn, “National Security,” “Sunshine Cleaning”) and his friends Fred Wolfe (Allen Covert, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry,” “Little Nicky”), Junior (Justin Long, ” Live Free or Die Hard,” “Jeepers Creepers”), Cooker (Jonah Hill, “Accepted,” “Super Bad”), and Cheryl (Ashley Scott, “Into the Blue,” “CBS series, “Jericho”) take on the “Strange Wilderness” series that is in a serious ratings decline. They don’t want the show to flop, so they embark on a whacked-out journey to find the infamous Bigfoot – in hopes the show will be a hit, once again.

The film starts off very slow – and fails to grab your attention. You’ll have to be patient if you want to see the funny stuff. Some of the scenes were rather entertaining and others had you saying, “This is getting too ridiculous.” There are a couple of hilarious moments in the film, which are filled with crude and sexual humor. If you like Steve, you’ll appreciate this movie, but it’s only rent worthy – not a collector’s item.

Review by Meredith A. Iager

Grade: C-
Official site: http://www.strangewildernessmovie.com/
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