DVD Review: 27 Dresses

Katherine Heigl (ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Wish Upon a Star”)
stars in this romantic comedy about a girl that’s been putting her life on hold for everyone else, especially her boss played by Edward Burns. There is of course a conflict in the storyline, when her (Heigl’s) sister pops into town, for no apparent reason, and goes after her boss. Then there’s come drinking involved (which might happen to most of us, when someone steals “our” crush), and Heigl goes for a journalist (Marsden) who begins to swoon her away. And of course the title of the film gives it away—she’s worn 27 bridesmaid dresses, and been there for all her girlfriends on their special day. The film also stars, James Marsden as the journalist, and Judy Greer (“13 Going on 30,” “Cursed”) as Heigl’s co-worker annoying friend, in this delightful film.

A newly married Katherine Heigl in real life has serious trouble when it comes to her love life as Jane in, 27 Dresses. She is in love with her entrepreneur-publishing boss, (Edward Burns, “One Missed Call,” The Holiday”) 15 plus years her senior, who her sister (Malin Akerman, “The Heartbreak Kid,” “Entourage”) falls for.

Jane is completely lonely and even though she won’t admit it, she fills the void by becoming obsessed with the idea of marriage and lives vicariously through all of the weddings she attends just about every weekend. The joke is on her though, and Kevin (Marsden, “Enchanted,” “Disturbing Behavior”) a young journalist, soon discovers her weakness. In a sneaky pursuit he discovers the real Jane, and begins to fall in love with her. In the process of making his career skyrocket, he fails to mention to Jane his next big byline is all about her.

Superb acting done by all, truly a great cast of fine young talent. This is a great film, simple storyline, and excellent message; “You should please yourself before you please everyone else.” In some ways, this film is the “better” version of the 2006 flick, “The Devil Wears Prada,” because both lead females are the assistant of a “hot shot” boss at a New York City publication, only in “27 Dresses,” Katherine Heigl gets to have hotter men, and a non-hostile work environment! Different storylines of course, but same premise, it all comes back to, picking the “right” guy.

This is a must buy film, if you’re a lover of romantic comedies!

Review by Meredith A. Iager

Grade: A+
Official site: http://www.27dressesthemovie.com/
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