DVD Review: August Rush

Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Freddie Highmore, Alex O’Loughlin, Robin Williams, and Terrance Howard star in this unforgettable, magical, and heartwarming story about a young boy that finds his parents through the connection of music. Russell plays a cellist, who meets another musician—guitar-singer-songwriter Rhys Meyers at a party one evening in 1995. Their connection is not only their love for music, but their “quick” love connection with one another. Russell becomes pregnant and they loose contact, due to Russell’s overbearing father.

Eleven years later, we meet Highmore, at an all boys orphanage in upstate New York. He leaves the orphanage in pursuit of his interest in music and heads to NYC where is overwhelmed by the city sights and sounds. He runs into another orphan, playing the guitar, and soon discovers an underground organization of musician orphans run by sketchy cowboy con artist played by Robin Williams.

Lyla (Keri Russell, WB Series “Felicity,” “Waitress,” “Mission Impossible III”) a laid back cellist meets Louis (“Vanity Fair,” “MatchPoint,” “Mission Impossible III”) a singer-guitarist for a rock group on the rooftop of a building, at a party. They have an instant connection, Lyla she gets pregnant, and looses connection with him for the next 11 years, due to her father’s persistence to keep her on a path of focusing on her studies and musical aspirations.

This film is fantastic and is the best family film of 2007. It is an inspirational story, and no matter what your occupation or goals for the future might be, it is one worth watching just for an extra spark that you might need.

Keri Russell is at her finest in the film, as Lyla, and there are moments when I thought I was watching her in the WB Series “Felicity,” which is always a good thing to be reminded of, it was a great series.

Freddie Highmore (“Finding Neverland,” “The Spiderwick Chronicles”) plays ‘August’ and does an exceptional job. The music sequences of him playing the guitar with his father, and playing the organ in the church, are quite memorable. He continues to crank out thought provoking films.

Moonlight’s favorite vampire, is also in this flick, as Louis’s brother and band mate. Alex O’Loughlin (“The Oyster Farmer,” “Feed,” “Whiteout”) provides a great addition to the movie, in the few scenes he is in. I hope to see more of him in the future. I like him as a rocker – possible future rockstar bio pic?

I did however have an issue with the film. As in most romance-dramas, there is a separation between the main characters; however, there was too much separation. I think more scenes or cuts could have been implemented in the film between Russell and Rhys Meyers. Maybe a dream sequence could have been added?

This flick is definitely one to add to your collection.

Review by Meredith A. Iager

Grade: A-
Official site: http://augustrushmovie.warnerbros.com/
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