‘Last Night in Soho’ Movie Review: One Wild Ride

Last Night in Soho

From Shaun of the Dead to Baby Driver, I’ve always been a big fan of Edgar Wright‘s work, and his latest film, Last Night in Soho, is no exception. From beginning to end, this psychological thriller is visually enchanting. And what seems like an innocent and fun tale with a side of slightly creepy spins itself into something audiences won’t see coming. And that’s rare in 2021, for a film to be able to surprise you and leave you with your jaw agape completely.

Last Night in Soho tells the story of Eloise, an aspiring fashion designer. Eloise has a unique and eerie talent of being able to see ghosts. And after a move to London for university, she finds herself mysteriously able to enter the 1960s in her dreams as well. However, what starts innocently with meeting an inspiring singer, Sandie, quickly takes a turn for the worse. Eloise’s dreams and reality begin to mix, and what’s real and what’s not becomes impossible to decipher.

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Last Night in Soho Movie Review: What I Liked and Didn’t Like

Last Night in Soho showcases impressive production values, with stylish employment of color, lighting, set design, cinematography, and perhaps most memorably, the music. The film’s soundtrack beautifully becomes a part of the story itself, weaving us through our time transitions.

The Cast

Thomasin McKenzie gives a stellar performance as Eloise. She handles the emotional aspects of her character so convincingly that you forget you’re watching a movie. Instead, you just become sucked into her world and invested in her journey.

Anya Taylor-Joy also does a fabulous job as Sandie. While her character could be described as a bit campy in parts, she rocks the role and leaves the audience not only enthralled for her – but also rooting for her vengeance.

Matt Smith, Michael Ajao, Dianna Rigg, and the rest of the ensemble cast all deliver strong performances. Though admittedly, I was rooting for Michael Ajao’s character, John, to get as far away from Eloise as possible. His unwavering loyalty to her is a bit stress-inducing at times, but it’s a part of his charm.

The Final Third Of The Film (No Spoilers)

Come the final third of the film; a lot begins to unravel and unravel quickly. As the viewer, you feel like you’ve been ascending the rollercoaster for the first two-thirds of the movie. So when the final acts arrive, you’ve crossed over the precipice – you have no idea if you’re right-side-up or upside-down. The only thing you know for sure is that you’re going super fast, screaming, and holding on for dear life.

However, the crazy lead-up to the final scenes actually fits well with the film’s overall pacing. As Eloise feels like she’s losing her mind, you’re stuck in with her. Unsure of what’s real or not, you find yourself sharing her confusion.

No spoilers here (what happens in Soho, stays in Soho), so I’m not discussing the film’s ending in this review. However, the comment section below is free-range, so be warned. This movie does have a pretty big twist at the end, one that I, at least, didn’t see coming.


Last Night in Soho is destined to become a cult classic. From beginning to end, it’s a monumentally entertaining, visually enthralling, and wildly exciting ride. If you’re looking for a non-typical spooky film for Halloween, this one brings all the vibes of the horror genre – but with a respectable amount of substance and style. 

Last Night in Soho releases in theaters on October 29, 2021.

Last Night in Soho Movie Review:

Grade: A


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  1. I finally saw this tonight and wow! What a movie with a twist that is the best I have seen in a long time! Loved it!