DVD Review: Hitman

The best-selling videogame, HITMAN, roars to life with both barrels blazing in this hardcore action-thriller starring Timothy Olyphant (Live Free or Die Hard). A genetically engineered assassin with killer style and deadly aim, known only as “Agent 47”, eliminates strategic targets for a top-secret organization. But when he’s double-crossed on a mission, the hunter becomes the prey as 47 finds himself ensnared in a life-or-death game of international intrigue and violent retribution.

Hitman is based off of the popular videogame of the same name. This gives you a brief idea of what you can expect, especially if you’ve played the game. If not, you can still guess that this title will be full of violence, have lots of guns, and a lack luster storyline. You can check all 3 of those off for Hitman.

The plot of the film revolves around Agent 47, best known as the fearsome man from the cover the DVD. He is hired to kill the Russian president Mikhail Belicoff, but there’s where the twist comes in. Agent 47 learns that he’s in fact being forsaken and has become the target of the Russian Secret Police and Interpol. In a pursuit for answers, he finds himself on a crusade across Europe.

Being based off a videogame, many would argue that it was doomed from the start. Fans of the game will definitely enjoy the title more so than those who haven’t, but all in all, it’s still an entertaining watch. Without doubt, one of the best movies derived from a video game.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: C+
Official site: http://www.hitmanmovie.com/
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