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DVD Review: Captivity

DVD Review: Captivity


Elisa Cuthbert (“The Girl Next Door”) plays a model who is stalked and captured by a psychopathic murderer. His tactics are the most brutal and hostile; drugging victims, injecting them with a fluorescent chemical through one tube, while there blood pours out another, while they lay papier-mached in a lounge chair. When she realizes that she is hostage to his experiments and various mind games she finds that a male victim is in a cell next to her.

This is a typical sick and twisted movie along the same genre of “Hostel” and the “House of a 1,000 Corpses.” But, “Captivity” fails to provide interesting characters and storyline that’s solid enough to actually captivate the audience. Your average horror fan couldn’t last through this film. There isn’t enough mystery or depth that makes the viewer want more. The connoisseur would walk out.

It seems as though is there no direct rhyme or reason to this story. There is no plot, just a murderer, who likes to play mind games. This is one of the worst horror films I have ever seen. It is boring, and some of the thematic elements are way too out there and sometimes I thought I was watching a homemade movie.

Elisa Cuthbert should have stayed out of this one and saved her reputation as Emile Hirsh’s fun-loving former playmate from “The Girl Next Door.” At least she could have waited until she had a few good movies under her belt before tumbling down a hill in this flick.

Save yourself time, and do not rent this movie. I throw this one into the category of, “Who the hell would want to fund such a disaster?”

Review by Meredith A. Iager

Grade: F-
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