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DVD Review: Sleuth

DVD Review: Sleuth


Michael Caine (who was also in the first “Sleuth,” in 1972 with Laurence Olivier) and Jude Law star in this thriller re-make of the 1970s titled film. It’s a “chatty” film, filled trickery and deception. Caine portrays a famous writer who is aware of his wife’s affair with a younger man, played by Law, who is an aspiring young actor. The film centers around a meeting between the two, at Caine’s Mansion where he tries to bribe Law into stealing jewels from his safe, as a bargaining chip for staying married to his wife, yet being “okay,” with Law being her lover.

This film was interesting and fun to watch. Andrew Wyke (Caine, “The Cider House Rules,” Secondhand Lions”) knows about Milo Tindle (Law, “The Holiday,” “Alfie”) and his wife.

Wyke is clever, and he wants Milo to break into his home – more like a mansion – and steal the jewels in his safe. He tells Milo he doesn’t have enough money to make his wife happy. At first, Milo doesn’t buy into the plan and wants to know what the catch is. However, Milo is clever as well, yet a tad gullible, and decides to go along with Wyke’s plan. From that point forward you won’t know who is trustworthy.

The film reminds me of a Richard Linklater talky film, where the actors’ conversation is the story. There’s not too much hype, it just is what it is, and you must pay full attention to details to find follow the story or verbal battle – so to speak. So, if you’re an individual that likes more scenic or action material, this film isn’t for you. It’s a film for the ones who like details and thinking.

The acting in this flick is superb and demonstrates the real talent of Caine and Law. I must say some films that Jude Law has made over the years haven’t grabbed my attention, until now. And as we all know Michael Caine, is the equivalent of Anthony Hopkins or Christopher Plummer, he makes the movie.

This is one worth watching.

Review by Meredith A. Iager

Grade: B-
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