DVD Review: Beowulf

Academy Award-winning director Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump) utilizes state-of-the-art technology to conjure a world the likes of which has never been seen before in “an astonishing experience” that qualifies as “a work of art” (Jeffrey Lyons, NBC’s “Reel Talk”). Starring Angelina Jolie (A Mighty Heart), Anthony Hopkins (Fracture), Ray Winstone (The Departed), Robin Wright Penn (Hounddog) and John Malkovich (Eragon), BEOWULF tells the ancient tale of a great warrior who faces many demons both on the battlefield and within himself. The result is “a film people will be talking about for years” (Jeffrey Lyons, NBC’s “Reel Talk”).

Prepare for war as Beowulf pursues the monster that has ransacked the King’s people. In this pursuit he uncovers a shocking secret about the King, the monster, and its mother.

Beowulf is an enticing and action packed adventure based on Norse mythology. Once an Old English heroic epic poem, this story is probably most known to students purely for its length. Thankfully, today’s version comes without tests or projects due at the end.

With star power including Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie, and John Malkovich to name a few, this animated film is very realistic, and throughout most of its edge-of-your-seat action, you will actually forget that what you are seeing is computer generated.

This film will probably most appeal to those who enjoyed “300” or perhaps the new “10,000 B.C.”. It’s a similar tone in both the film’s pace and its rather intense scenes of violence. Though, I would probably argue that this one surpasses any other film in its genre as far as gore and blood are concerned. Full of crude sexual humor, vivid violence, as well as a fully nude, computer generated Angelina Jolie (as the monster’s mother), this film isn’t for the young ones. While the story survives this modern re-telling largely intact, fans of the original will most likely be disappointed, but this version aims to speak to a new generation. And that it does.

Note- Definitely check out the HD version of this if you can. The special features are also in HD and it is just by far a more incredible viewing experience.

Review by Matthew A. Ruane

Grade: B
Official site: http://www.beowulfmovie.com/
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