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DVD Review: Arctic Tale

DVD Review: Arctic Tale


Set in the vast snow kingdom at the top of the world, Arctic Tale is a real life adventure from the people who brought you March Of The Penguins. Join narrator Queen Latifah as she follows two very different arctic creatures, Nanu, the polar bear cub and Seela, the walrus pup, through exciting and harrowing struggles for survival. Armed only with their natural instincts and mothers’ guidance, these inspiring animals face countless trials and challenges in a beautiful icebound world that is rapidly melting beneath them.

Animal lovers will adore this movie. While it’s not quite as well laid out as ‘March of the Penguins’ it is still a cute movie that will pull at your heartstrings, and while it is informative, it still manages to comes off as enchanting.

Queen Latifah does a great job as the narrator. She gives a comedic touch to the animal tale, and the cinematography was absolutely beautiful, which came as no surprise because this is usually true of any National Geographic title.

Overall, the story is cute and tender, we follow the mother and child polar bear and the mother and child walrus throughout an eight year timespan. We get to witness the pups becoming mothers as well. We see the animals dealing with the melting arctic conditions and how they have to adapt to be able to survive.

Children will probably enjoy this title more so than adults, but it’s definitely worth checking out no matter what your age is.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: A-
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