FanBolt’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks!

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks

Whether it’s Dune, Harry Potter, Outlander, or James Bond, we’ve got the geeks in your life covered with FanBolt’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

Our ultimate gift pick of the year? That honor goes to Movie Palette!

What is Movie Palette, you ask? It’s a company that creates colorful paintings from your favorite films. But these aren’t just any paintings. Each one consists of stripes of colors, and every stripe represents a color of a particular scene in the movie. Furthermore, each stripe is put in chronological order to complete the Movie Palette of the whole movie. It’s such a unique and cool gift to give the movie nerd in your life – and thanks to their vast selection of films, you’ll have no problem finding paintings of your favorite films! (Check this one out below!)

Check out our holiday recommendations below, and in our comments section, share with us what items are on your holiday wish list!

FanBolt’s 2021 Geeky Holiday Gift Guide

For Sci-Fi Nerd (Who Is Also a Designer)

Movie Palette

Movie Palette – Dune 2021

As a designer by trade, I love things that are well-designed. I’m an art nerd who has an immense love for cinema. So when I first discovered Movie Palette, I was in heaven. Such a cool gift for movie fans (and bonus points if that movie fan is also a designer – they’ll appreciate this even more)!

So what is it that you’re looking at exactly here? This Movie Palette displays all of the striking colors from each scene of the movie Dune (2021). These colors combined give you a captivating masterpiece that truly captures the essence of the movie.

How does it work? Movie Palette’s specialist graphic designers use patented technology to determine the prominent color from each movie scene. These colors are then strategically laid out, side by side, in chronological order. The width of each stripe represents the length of the scene.

The effect is a stunning and accurate representation of the colors and vibrancy found in your favorite movies. As its secret is revealed, Movie Palette is sure to become a conversation piece as you try and guess which color represents which scene!

Movie Palette

And if Dune isn’t your thing, I’m not kidding when I say I couldn’t find a movie while searching that they didn’t have a palette of – their selection is EXTENSIVE.

For The Star Wars Fan (Who Loves Baking)

Star Wars Baking: Podrace Puffs

Star Wars Galactic Baking Cookbook

Earlier this year, we reviewed this cookbook (and even shared an exclusive recipe from the cookbook). The one you see above is SUPER tasty!

This baking cookbook is inspired by the snowdrifts of Hoth, the wastelands of Tatooine, and beyond. Star Wars: The Official Baking Cookbook is the most delicious way to experience the planets, flora, and fauna of the Star Wars galaxy. Whether you’re throwing a watch party or hosting members of the Galactic Senate, this cookbook is a must-have for fans of all ages.

It contains over thirty mouthwatering recipes such as Mustafarian Molten Lava Cakes, Cloud City Marshmallows, Life Day Cake, Loth-Cat Kibble, Keshian Spice Bread, Dagobah Bog Pie, and more!

For The Little Fan

Lego Watches: Star Wars, Batgirl, Spider-Man

BB-8 Minifigure Link Watch

We include this one every year because we adore it so much! These Minifigure link watches are perfect for the little geek in your life! And they’re available in a variety of different fandoms – it’s the perfect way to teach little geeks that they should be proud of who they are and what they love – and they can even literally where their geek pride on their sleeve!

Of the above options, my personal favorite has to be the BB-8 Minifigure Link Watch ($25), because I mean it’s BB-8. The watch comes with multi-colored, interchangeable links which allows for plenty of design possibilities for a unique watch that fits all wrist sizes.

That’s one of the things I loved the most about LEGO growing up – and even now. It promotes and encourages creativity. You can create whatever your mind comes up with – whether it’s following the directions – or doing something that is completely unique and outside-the-box.

For the Outlander Fan

outlander book

Go Tell The Bees That I’m Gone

Calling all Outlander fans! Book 9 is here!

Diana Gabaldon is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the wildly popular Outlander novels – and there’s a new one to add to the collection.

Go Tell The Bees That I’m Gone picks up in 1779. Claire and Jamie are at last reunited with their daughter, Brianna, her husband, Roger, and their children on Fraser’s Ridge. Having the family together is a dream the Frasers had thought impossible.

Yet even in the North Carolina backcountry, the effects of war are being felt. Tensions in the Colonies are great and local feelings run hot enough to boil Hell’s teakettle. Jamie knows loyalties among his tenants are split and it won’t be long until the war is on his doorstep.

Brianna and Roger have their own worry: that the dangers that provoked their escape from the twentieth century might catch up to them. Sometimes they question whether risking the perils of the 1700s—among them disease, starvation, and an impending war—was indeed the safer choice for their family.

Not so far away, young William Ransom is still coming to terms with the discovery of his true father’s identity—and thus his own—and Lord John Grey has reconciliations to make, and dangers to meet . . . on his son’s behalf, and his own.

Meanwhile, the Revolutionary War creeps ever closer to Fraser’s Ridge. And with the family finally together, Jamie and Claire have more at stake than ever before.

This novel is the next must-read book in the series – and it’s the perfect gift for the Outlander fan in your life!

For the Batman Fan (Who Loves Cocktails)

gotham city cocktails

Gotham City Cocktails

We reviewed this cocktail recipe book earlier this year, and it’s become a staple in my household. The Botanist is my second favorite cocktail of all time – which is saying something (I’m a mixology geek)! Whether there’s a Batman fan in your life, or just a geek that loves a good cocktail, you can’t go wrong with this title.

Gotham City Cocktails is a collection of drink recipes and tasteful bar bites that takes fans on a trip through Batman’s hometown. Based on the iconic heroes, villains, and locations of Gotham City, this cocktail cookbook includes step-by-step instructions and tips on how to craft the perfect cocktail – and we do mean the PERFECT cocktail – because holy wow, the Botanist (recipe at the bottom of this article) is my new favorite cocktail!

The unique libations and tasty appetizers make up 70 recipes that are all geek-out worthy! With drinks inspired by Batman, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Commissioner Gordon, and many others, Gotham City Cocktails isn’t just a must-have for fans of Batman…. but for fans of mixology in general.

For the Jane Austen Fan

Pride & Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice – Deluxe Edition

We included this one in our gift guide last year, and I had to include it again – as it’s just such a unique and cool present for the Janite (massive Jane Austen fan) in your life. While most Austen fans will already have a copy of Pride and Prejudice, they won’t have anything that holds a candle to this one, which is designed and curated by Barbara Heller, a set decorator for film and television and the writer and director of award-winning short films.

Fans of the novel can immerse themselves deeper into the world of Elizabeth Bennet as they read through this edition which has pockets throughout the novel containing replicas of all 19 significant letters in the story, re-created with gorgeous calligraphy and painstaking attention to historical detail. Each replica letter is appropriate to the character who writes it and the moment in the story: from the handwriting, stationery, and folding style to the wax seal and the postmaster’s stamps it would have acquired along its way.

Nothing quite captures the keen wit and vivid emotion of Jane Austen’s novel better than her characters’ correspondence. We know Mr. Collins’s character before we meet him, thanks to his obsequious letter of introduction. Lydia’s rash elopement is revealed in an urgent missive from Jane. And it is Mr. Darcy’s painfully honest letter that forever alters Elizabeth’s perception of him, and of herself.

This deluxe edition of Pride and Prejudice published by Chronicle Books pays homage to the power of these epistles. And there simply isn’t a more geek-out worthy of Pride and Prejudice than this one. It’s a must-have for the Jane Austen fan in your life!

For the Harry Potter Fan

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Harry Potter Holiday Magic – Official Advent Calendar

This one you’ll want to start on December 1! It’s the perfect pre-holiday gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life. 

Harry Potter: Holiday Magic: The Official Advent Calendar Book takes readers into the Wizarding World and shows iconic moments from the beloved Harry Potter films. With twenty-five days of surprises, unique keepsakes, and collectibles ranging from festive paper ornaments to Harry Potter-inspired recipe cards and more, this advent calendar book is a must-have for Harry Potter fans of all ages!

For the Dune Fan

Dune Book

The Art and Soul of Dune

Can you tell we really loved Dune yet? We know we’re not alone! This is another GREAT option for the Dune fan in your life. It’s a beautifully illustrated book that dives into the creative journey of making the film, and it’s actually written by Dune executive producer Tanya Lapointe!

Rhis visually dazzling exploration of the filmmaking process gives unparalleled insight into the project’s genesis—from its striking environmental and creature designs to its intricate costume concepts and landmark digital effects. The Art and Soul of Dune also features exclusive interviews with key members of the cast and crew, including Denis Villeneuve, Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, and many more, delivering a uniquely candid account of the hugely ambitious international shoot.

Take a sneak peek at the book in the official book trailer below!

For the Disney Fan (Who Loves to Cook)

Disney Villains Cookbook

Disney Villains: Devilishly Delicious Cookbook

We love Disney and we love cooking – and we know we aren’t alone! Insight Editions brings another fantastic cookbook to the table with this one – and it truly is devilishly delicious!

This cookbook features more than 50 tasty, easy-to-follow recipes inspired by the dastardly Disney Villains. From bewitching appetizers to delectable mains to decadent desserts, this cookbook offers Disney Villain-themed treats for every meal and occasion.

For the James Bond Fan

James Bond: No Time To Die

James Bond: No Time to Die Blu-ray

Daniel Craig’s final film as James Bond is not one to be missed. And it’s one that needs to be in every fan’s DVD collection.

This film picks up with Bond after he has left active service and is now living a quiet life in Jamaica. However, his peace is short-lived when his old buddy, Felix Leiter, from the CIA turns up asking for assistance. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist reveals itself to be far more dangerous than initially thought, which leads Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

Fans had enormous expectations for this film. And it delivers. No Time To Die couldn’t have been a more satisfying end to Daniel Craig’s time as 007. From Casino Royale until now, he’s tackled these films with charm, wit, and style. Ultimately, he’s humanized a character that seemed untouchable.

For the Nightmare Before Christmas Fan (Or the Foodie/Cocktail Fan)

The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Official Cookbook & Entertaining Guide

The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Official Cookbook & Entertaining Guide

One more cookbook and we swear that’s it! 😉 This is another nerdy take on some super creative dishes that we absolutely love!

Brimming with scary-good fun, The Nightmare Before Christmas Cookbook & Entertaining Guide has everything you need to plan the perfect party. Is it Halloween? Christmas? Your birthday? No matter the occasion, this book will help you take your next dinner or event from routine to inspired—with a little help from Jack Skellington, Sally, Sandy Claws, and all their friends in Halloween Town.

This book is divided into two parts. Part one includes over fifty mouthwatering recipes for appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks inspired by the movie—with options for sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian guests.

Part two includes detailed blueprints and planning instructions for several complete The Nightmare Before Christmas–themed parties, including creative crafts for DIY decorations, amusing activities, frightful favors, and more. Replicate these events exactly or mix and match ideas to create your own custom event. Make it stylish and scary or charming and full of cheer—either way, your guests are guaranteed to have a screaming good time.

Bursting with vibrant photography and free downloadable templates for invitations, decorations, and other printable ephemera, this book will make every party frighteningly fun. It’s a true must-have for The Nightmare Before Christmas fans everywhere.

For the Classic Movie Fan (Or Wine Fan)

Turner Classic Movies: Wine Club

TCM Wine Club

We had this on our list last year, and we loved it so much that we kept it on for this year as well. There’s simply no way to have a better night in than by grabbing a loved one, a classic movie, and a good bottle of wine! And Turner Classic Movies has made that even more fun with the TCM Wine Club, which brings you the best wines from around the world straight to your door – And pairs every bottle with a classic film seen on TCM.

Uncork the fun of movies and wine! And get all the details at!

For the Music & Movie Lover

Yamaha Soundbar

Yamaha’s SR-C20A Compact Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer

If you watch a lot of movies or listen to a lot of music, having a good soundbar in your life is a must! The Yamaha SR-C20A has a small and compact design that comes with BIG sound! The setup was super easy, the audio is clear and rich, and will fit in almost any media center without being bulky and awkward.

Sound can make content come to life in front of you – whether it’s a movie, tv series, video game, or even music you’re streaming via Bluetooth – it’s magical how sound can immerse you, surround you, and transport you. We couldn’t recommend this one more for the movie lover or soundphile in your life!


And that’s it for our 2021 gift guide! What are on your holiday wish lists? Share your lists with us in our comment section below!

Happy Holidays!

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