50+ Hard ‘Would You Rather’ Questions for Deep Conversation

Would You Rather Questions

No party is complete without some hard Would You Rather questions. Like Truth or Dare, it’s a great game to get interesting conversations going both with people you’ve just met and people you’ve been friends with for years.

Here are some great Would You Rather questions for a night in, divided by categories for different occasions. 

Would You Rather Questions for Adults

When planning a double date or bachelorette gal-pal night, it’s always good to have some adult Would You Rather questions in your back pocket. 

Would you rather…

  1. Only be able to pick people up in bars or only be able to meet them on dating apps?
  2. Find a partner who’s obsessed with video games or obsessed with baseball?
  3. Get $50,000 a year for the rest of your life and never be able to drink alcohol again or have the ability to drink?
  4. Only be able to party on Tuesdays or wake up with a hangover after every outing, regardless if you drank or not?
  5. Date someone who doesn’t want kids or someone who is allergic to animals?
  6. Only be able to rent apartments for the rest of your life or have a house that constantly needs renovation?
  7. Never have to pay taxes or never pay for food?
  8. Date someone of the opposite political party or date someone who never does chores or housework?
  9. Only be able to communicate through email or by calling?
  10. Never be able to use social media or be an influencer full time?
  11. Get paid 5% more but only be paid once a month or get paid weekly?
  12. Be a bad kisser or a sweaty hand-holder?

Best Would You Rather Questions

Some of the best hard Would You Rather questions are the classic ones. When you’re not sure how to start the party, especially with people you’ve never met, here are some of the best Would You Rather questions to go with.

Would you rather…

  1. Only be able to watch comedies or only be able to watch dramas?
  2. Go to space or explore Marianna’s Trench?
  3. Live in a world with no dogs or live in a world with no cats?
  4. Be on SNL or be in a Beyoncé music video?
  5. Win the lottery or find your true love?
  6. Be a talented artist or successful lawyer?
  7. Have 10 tattoos or 10 piercings?
  8. Eat only spicy foods or sweet foods?
  9. Date a movie star or a pop star?
  10. Only eat meat or only eat vegetables for the rest of your life?
  11. Voice a Disney princess/prince or be an Avenger?
  12. Work from home but work an extra 10 hours a week or work in an office?
Would You Rather Questions

Weird Would You Rather Questions

Whether you’ve been hanging with your BFF for 20 years or are just getting close to some new friends, it’s fun to break the ice with some weird prompts. Here are some hard Would You Rather questions that are a little strange.

Would you rather…

  1. Never get another paper cut or never get anything stuck in your teeth for the rest of your life?
  2. Never have slow internet or never lose a set of keys again?
  3. Only be able to wear clothes that are one size too small or exclusively wear sweatpants, regardless of the occasion?
  4. Think sausages taste like ice cream or think ice cream tastes like sausages?
  5. Lose the ability to tell the difference between a puppy and a baby?
  6. Bark when you get excited or scratch your head with your leg like a dog?
  7. Have two left hands or two left feet?
  8. Be the only person in the world people find attractive or not be attractive at all?
  9. Be able to communicate with animals or communicate with the dead?
  10. Be tickled for one whole day, for the rest of your life to never be tickled again, or be tickled unexpectedly?
  11. Be lactose intolerant or have a wheat intolerance?
  12. Laugh at random times or never be able to laugh at all?
Would You Rather Questions

Geeky Would You Rather Questions

If you’re hanging with some nerds, you want to have some hard Would You Rather questions that true geeks would love! Here are some great questions for people who can’t get enough of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and more!

Would you rather…

  1. Get a letter from Hogwarts or become a padawan?
  2. Only be able to watch Harry Potter or Star Wars for the rest of your life?
  3. Have an Ewok or a porg as a pet?
  4. Watch the lost Dr. Who episodes or see the last six Harry Potter movies made with the original Richard Harris Dumbledore?
  5. Have the ability to speak in Klingon or Tolkien Elvish?
  6. Meet the 10th or the 13th Doctor?
  7. Care for Grogu or the Chosen One?
  8. Find the sword of Gryffindor or the lost diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw?
  9. Hang out with Rachel Green or Blair Waldorf?
  10. Embark on the Starship Enterprise or sail the seven seas on the Black Pearl?
  11. Be in a DC or Marvel movie?
  12. Never be able to watch anime or only be able to watch anime?
Would You Rather Questions

Parent Would You Rather Questions

Parents need to have some fun on a night out, too! If you’re spending time with friends who are also parents, here are some hard Would You Rather questions for your hangouts.

Would you rather…

  1. Your kids always ate their vegetables or always slept through the night?
  2. Your kids were in charge of brushing your teeth or brushing your hair?
  3. Get one night a week to yourself or one morning a week to yourself?
  4. Have a personal driver or personal chef?
  5. Never have to do laundry or never have to do dishes?
  6. Go to a bunch of 4th grader orchestra concerts or a bunch of football games in the cold?
  7. Go on a 12 hour car ride with your screaming kid or go on a 3 hour plane ride with your screaming kid?
  8. Give your kids a Frozen music book with a recorder or a drum set?
  9. Your kids come home with a hamster or a lizard and ask to keep it?
  10. Your kids watch Paw Patrol the Movie or Spongebob: Sponge on the Run over and over again on repeat?
  11. Have kids who always clean their room or always do their homework before 7pm?
  12. Have “the talk” with your kid or watch silently as your partner has “the talk” with your kid?
Would You Rather Questions

To Get The Night Started…

Think of the game Would You Rather as an ice breaker. If you’re getting the crew ready for an evening out, trying out some hard Would You Rather questions will get you ready to party.

Make sure they always give a reason for their answer, because the explanation can reveal a lot about them. When you learn more about someone, you form a closer bond which will help you make memories to last a lifetime.

So whether you’re learning more about their favorite movies or preferences of fandoms, these Would You Rather questions will get the conversation going.

Do you have some favorite questions for this game? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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