DVD Review: Quick Change

The star of Caddyshack, Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day headlines and co-directs this uproarious Big Apple heist-and-pursuit caper. Bill Murray plays Grimm, a frazzled urbanite who disguises himself as a clown – and sets out to rob a bank. Geena Davis and Randy Quaid play accomplices in Grimm’s daring scheme and Jason Robards is the blustery cop caught up in Grimm’s “Clown Day Afternoon.” Swiping a million bucks is a snap compared to getting out of town. Grimm and cohorts commandeer a car, a cab, a bus, a baggage tram and a plane (and encounter future stars Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub in hilarious supporting roles) to make what becomes for them a less-than-merry escape. But for comedy lovers, Quick Change is a ticket to ride!

Quick Change is without a doubt Bill Murray’s most underrated comedy. Prior to its release on DVD I had never even heard of the film and after watching I simply can’t believe I’ve been completely oblivious to its existence for so long. The film opens with Bill Murray’s character, Grimm, robbing a bank dressed as a clown. He proceeds to hold the bank employees and its customers hostage and, while surrounded by the New York Police Department, manages to smuggle himself and co-conspirators Loomis (Randy Quaid) and Phyllis (Geena Davis) out of the bank with cash in-hand. Where the real trouble begins is in their futile attempts to escape New York bound for Fiji. Anything that could possibly go wrong seems to happen, including an accidental run-in and narrow escape from the mob, to an insane cab driver who doesn’t speak a bit of English.

After watching the film I could not believe that I had never heard of or seen it before. It may take a few more viewings, but I can venture to say that it certainly ranks up with such Murray staples as Groundhog Day, What About Bob and Stripes. Bill Murray’s brand of sarcastic, straight-faced humor is in full force in this one and co-stars Geena Davis and Randy Quaid both shine providing complementary performances. Quick Change is, without a doubt, a little-known gem that has seemed to been lost in the hype of other Murray classics such as Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day and more recently Lost in Translation and his performances in West Anderson’s last few films. Don’t make the mistake of passing up on this one. Quick Change is a treat to watch and if you haven’t had the privilege of seeing it yet, you’ll be asking yourself how on earth you missed out on this.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: A++
Staff Favorite

Official site: http://www.warnerbrothers.com
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