DVD Review: Domino

Domino Harvey (Knightley) was born into a life of wealth and privilege, but that wasn’t the life she wanted. Leaving her modeling career and socialite family behind, Domino becomes a bounty hunter and joins an unusual gang of degenerates to hunt down and capture felonious bail jumpers. They become the most successful and infamous group of bounty hunters in Los Angeles, and, when they sign on to become the stars of a reality television show about their careers, they find their lives are seriously affected. What results is an action-packed chase to capture the most dangerous of fugitives and to get themselves out of an FBI investigation.

Domino is a visually stimulating flick that arouses all the senses and probably has unsuspecting viewers across the world going into epileptic fits from the constant barrage of imagery. There has been some debate over how factually accurate the film is and how well the character of Domino Harvey is portrayed. However, with a film this enjoyable, this should merely be an afterthought because if the film doesn’t succeed based solely on its own merits than what good is it anyway? As a matter of fact, before Domino’s untimely death just months before the October 2005 release she had been working with director Tony Scott for some twelve years on the film, so I suppose that Harvey would have given Scott’s work her own seal of approval. Domino is less of a biography and more of an acid-trip induced tribute to Domino Harvey, her exploits and her “Heads you live, tails you die” attitude. Keira Knightly succeeds brilliantly at portraying the bounty hunter Domino and is, most likely, much of the draw towards this action-packed, fiction based biopic. On the surface it may seen that Domino would ultimately boil down to more fluff than most would hope, but the film does not disappoint- it’s brash, clever, and certainly like nothing you’ve ever seen. The bottom line here is to see the film, expect nothing and prepare to be entertained.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: A-
Official site: http://www.dominomovie.com/
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