DVD Review: It’s Complicated

Nancy Meyers has made quite a large contribution to romantic comedies in her twenty year career. She’s the brilliant mind behind hits like “Father of the Bride,” “What Women Want” “Something’s Gotta’ Give,” and “The Holiday.” Her ability to touch peoples hearts, as well as gauge sense of humor, of a wide variety of ages, makes her someone very unique. She knows how to make a product that sells, and her films sell very well. Meyer’s films carry an average ranking of 6.5 out of 10 from her viewers feedback. Her projects are often more popular for people age thirty and older.

Sometimes when a couple falls out of love, a divorce is the solution to their problems. For Jane (Streep) and Jake (Baldwin), their divorce was only a small chapter in their relationship. Jane is an older, divorced mother who becomes “the woman on the side” in her ex-husband’s life, after the pair begin an unexpected affair, during an out of town family get together. The two had been divorced for a decade prior to this escapade taking flight. Jane’s the well to do owner of a bakery in Santa Barbara, and has three grown children. Even though Jake has remarried to a younger, sexier Agnes (Bell), Jane still finds it in her heart to maintain a decent friendship with Jake. It all ignites when they attend their son’s college graduation, and the two decide to have a nice dinner together for “old time’s sake.” After many hours go by, and multiple bottles of wine are put to rest, the two find themselves behind the same hotel room door. “Room Service!” As if that’s not complicated enough, Jane’s architect Adam (Martin) falls for Jane, but doesn’t realize the crazy triangle/spider-web that he’s just gotten himself involved in. Adam’s angle to win Jane over, is trying to show her they can be young again, starting over together. Jake’s angle to win back his true love, is show her how if they try hard enough, things can be like they once were, full of passion, family, and happiness. When Jane was complaining to her friends about her lack of a love life, she never intended that the big guy upstairs would send her two would be suitors, both at the same time. Now she has to decide if the love that once was, is lost, and she should move on; or if the old flame that once was extinguished, could be relit to a burning fire one more time. Good luck deciding Jane, because the situation you got yourself into, well “It’s complicated.”

The pairing of Baldwin and Martin in this movie explains why they were the two jokers headlining 2010’s Academy Awards. If you watched the ceremony, you’d know that they didn’t have much comedic chemistry. “It’s Complicated” followed the same mold, leaving a lot to be desired. I believe that if you’re in your 50’s or 60’s, and have had a divorce or two, it may be a comedic premise to you. Unfortunately, that leaves a humongous audience, who’s younger and may have not went through marital problems yet, yawning and waiting for the film to be over. There’s a bit too many sexual references related to the wrinkled Streep, and the overweight Baldwin, that leaves your stomach feeling a bit queasy. Yet another film guilty of showing the only funny parts in the trailer. Hollywood, please quit ruining the surprise ahead. There is a short scene where Jane and Adam smoke a joint before going to a party, and their state of mind is amusing when they try to blend in at the festivities. All in all, Nancy Meyers has done a lot better before, and hopefully can rebound soon with another romantic comedy delight.


Review By: Charlie Giltenboth

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