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DVD Review: Date Night

DVD Review: Date Night


Steve Carell and Tina Fey together you say? Count me in. They are the male and female gods of television comedy in my book. So I will, with great pleasure, watch anything they are associated with.

Date Night‘s plot is simple. Carell and Fey play the Fosters – a married couple from New Jersey whose marriage has lacked that little something special since the kids came along. When a couple of close friends announce their separation – the Fosters decide to spice it up a bit and go for a date night in the city. And that is where the shenanigans ensue. After stealing someone else’s dinner reservations at a trendy NYC hotspot, the Fosters are mistaken for another couple who aren’t exactly on the up-and-up. As Phil and Claire (Fey) face a number of life-or-death moments, they find themselves having exactly the adventure they needed to rekindle that flame.

I tend to enjoy comedies that are a bit more realistic than this one. I felt the same way with Get Him To The Greek earlier this summer. I laughed my head off, but at other moments I found myself biting my lip at the absurd turn a certain scene had taken. That was much the case with this film. It’s a wacky movie, and the lack of realism (in parts) make it a tad difficult to swallow with a smile on your face, but the rest of it is quite enjoyable. And there is definitely no shortage of hilarious dialog. It just feels like Carell and Fey are carrying a movie that otherwise might not have much to offer.

Special features are what you would expect – director commentary, gag reel, extended/alternate/deleted scenes (Though the number of scenes is a whopping 4. I find it hard to believe there wasn’t more – but perhaps they weren’t amusing enough to include), etc… There’s also a cute featurette on all the cast members’ worst dates that’s worth checking out.

Overall, if you enjoy Carell and Fey’s other material – you’ll get some good laughs out of this one. Definitely worth checking out and having a date night of your own with!

Grade: B+

Review By: Emma Loggins

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  1. Love your review! I just recently saw this movie and I absolutely loved it! Tina does so good in the ‘motherly’ acting roles. Haha, my favorite continuing joke of the film is everyones amazing disbelief of, well…”You stole someone else’s reservation?!” Hilarious! And Walberg playing a sex symbol? Hmmm…count me in. 😉


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