DVD Review: Despicable Me

Despicable Me is tied in my book with Toy Story 3 for best animated film of the year. It’s got all the essential ingredients including comedy, a heart-warming story, and an all-star cast of voices including Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Miranda Cosgrove, and Julie Andrews.

Steve Carell voices Gru, who is vying for the title of the “World’s Greatest Villain.” His competition is a younger and more modern dude named Vector (voiced by Jason Segal). When Vector steals the pyramids, Gru knows that he’s going to have to one-up him in order to claim his title back. What’s the next biggest thing he can steal to gain his respect back? Simple. The moon. He enlists in the help of 3 adorable little orphans who end up having a much larger effect on his life than he could have ever anticipated.

A general area of concern with animated movies is that they’re only going to appeal to the younger demographic, but this isn’t the case with Despicable Me. While kids are giggling and enjoying the little Minions, you’ll be snickering as well with subtle little jokes such as BANK OF EVIL (small print: Formerly Lehman Brothers). The graphics are also worth commending here. While I’d say Toy Story 3 probably upped them in this category, the film is still visually stunning.

It’s cute, funny, and everyone will love it. Not often can you say that with a release. And if you need even more reasons to pick it up, check out the extras on the Blu-ray release including 3 all new mini-movies, commentary, and a number of featurettes such as ‘The World of Despicable Me,’ ‘Gru’s Rocket Builder,’ ‘Miss Hattie’s Top Secret Cookie Recipes,’ and more! And if you’re looking to give it as a Christmas present, check out Target’s limited edition version which comes with a pair of Minion goggles. Kids will love them!

Grade: A
Review By: Emma Loggins

Official Site: http://www.despicableme.com


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