DVD Review: You Again

I adore Kristen Bell. So naturally I’ll see anything that she’s in. I regretted that mentality immensely with When In Rome, yet I remained hopeful that You Again would be different… After all, it had Betty White in it! However, my hope lead to disappointment and here’s why…

I’m really not sure I understand Kristen Bell’s film choices. Bell’s character (Marnie) is so similar to Beth (her character in When In Rome) that I wondered if I watching a poorly planned sequel. But back to You Again, Marnie wasn’t the popular kid in high school. She was a far cry from the kick-ass Veronica Mars that we all still love… and morn over losing. But the years have passed, and Marnie has grown up. She is now working for a powerful PR firm which has just given her a promotion to VP. Before the big transition, Marnie heads home to take a couple days off for her brother’s wedding… Only to arrive home to realize that her brother is marrying the girl who made her life hell in high school. The reunion hijinks ensue, and you can imagine what happens next…. and that it’ll be tied up into a pretty bow for you in the end. While the film writers may expect you say “Awe,” I felt like banging my head against a wall. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t realistic, and by the end I was just really annoyed.

I was so disenchanted with the film I couldn’t manage to watch the extras. Though there are plenty on the Blu-ray edition including: 11 Deleted Scenes, Blooper Dance Party, Ask the Cast, Funny or Die (Behind the scenes), and more.

The back of the DVD case claims that the film is a nonstop laugh fest. Clearly, this isn’t the case as I think I may have only snickered one time – at most. There’s no question the film has a strong, talented, and beautiful cast but the script just doesn’t allow them to shine. It’s a mindless comedy, and while Kristen Bell continues to be adorable… I fear I’ve grown more reluctant to see her future films.

Grade: D
Official Site: http://www.youagain-themovie.com

Review By: Emma Loggins


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