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Unknown Review: 2 Hours Of Liam Neeson Being Awesome

Unknown Review: 2 Hours Of Liam Neeson Being Awesome


Unknown is much like 2008’s Taken. It’s all about how much ass Liam Neeson can kick in a foreign country. It’s a different plot, but it’s still the same premise and equally as enjoyable.

As the film begins we see that Dr. Martin Harris (Neeson) is in Berlin on business and has his lovely wife on his arm (January Jones). Shortly after arriving and realizing that a piece of luggage was left at the airport, he finds himself back in route to the airport – and shortly thereafter in a pretty serious car accident. After awaking 4 days later, he returns to find his wife doesn’t recognize him – and another man (Aidan Quinn) has taken on his identity as Dr. Martin. To make matters worse, he’s ignored by the authorities and now he’s being hunted by a group of men who are trying to kill him. Dr. Martin finds help in an unlikely place with the cab driver Gina (Diane Kruger) who saved his life after the accident.

Not everything is as it seems. And the audience soon finds their selves asking as many questions as Dr. Martin.

Without doubt Unknown is entertaining. One major flaw I continued to see throughout the film was that so many of the scenes benefited from an unnatural occurrence of events. The action inside the scenes were just made to be a little too convenient. For example, when Gina is chasing after Dr. Martin in her car and just happens to look to a parking deck to her left a thousand feet away and notice there is a confrontation on the top level – thus pursuing it assuming it’s Dr. Martin.

Also once the film concludes, you’ll find yourself questioning several other scenes throughout the film. Which at the time, needed to play out the way they did in order to keep the end of the film a mystery – but at the same time those scenes don’t seem to fit anymore once you learn what is going on. I don’t want to say much more than that as I don’t want to give it away. The film keeps you guessing, which I appreciated – I just feel that it should have been done more cleverly to allow all the previous scenes in the film to still have meaning once the film concluded.

All in all – it’s an enjoyable film, and if you enjoyed Taken then you’ll love this one. It’s essentially the sequel.

Grade: B

Review By: Emma Loggins

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