DVD Review: All Good Things

All Good Things is inspired by a true story of one of the most famous unsolved missing person’s cases ever in the state of New York. It doesn’t start out dark and thrilling though. In the beginning, it’s simply a love story of what appears to be boy desperate to get away from his family, David Marks (Ryan Gosling), and the beautiful free spirit Katie. Once the family business pulls David back in, some deeply rooted psychological issues come to the surface, and what was once the perfect love story, is now a terrifying relationship that Katie is desperate to escape.

The story is based on the real life disappearance of Kathie McCormack, wife of Robert Durst. Naturally, names had to be changed in this film seeing as how Robert Durst is still alive and working in real estate in Texas. Even though they change the names in the film, if you aren’t familiar with the case and check out the extras – it provides you with the real information. One can’t help but wonder if this film will effect his business at all as it clearly paints him as guilty even though he was not convicted for the disappearance (and what we can assume was murder) of Kathie McCormack or his long-time friend Susan Berman.

But back to the movie… Before All Good Things hit theaters, there was a lot of talk about a certain shower sex scene. The scene was cut from the film, and magazines reported that we’d have to wait till the DVD came out to see what all the fuss was about. My response? “That’s it?” I have to assume more was cut from even the DVD as I don’t think the scene was worth all the hype.

The acting is great. Kirsten Dunst always does a great job at portraying the free-spirited gal from the 70’s, and Ryan Gosling’s take on Robert Durst (or in this film David Marks) is incredibly haunting. Girls who know him best as Noah Calhoun from The Notebook can except to see a 180 degrees of difference here. It’s frightening how good he is a role as disturbing as this one.

The extras are definitely worth checking out on the Blu-ray as they’ll explain a bit more of the actual story to you with the Hollywood removed. There are also a number of deleted scenes and commentaries for you to check out as well.

Grade: B+
Official Website: http://www.magpictures.com/allgoodthings/

Review By: Emma Loggins

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