Experiencing ‘Sex and the City’ in the Carrie Bradshaw Apartment

Carrie Bradshaw Apartment

Ever watched Sex and the City and wish you could live the lavish New York City lifestyle that comes with the Carrie Bradshaw apartment

Back in November 2021, two lucky parties got to do just that.

To help promote the release of the Sex and the City revival And Just Like That, AirBnB and Warner Bros. collaborated to recreate the iconic apartment Sarah Jessica Parker’s character lived in. If you clicked “book” fast enough, you got the entire experience along with a one-night stay for only $23.

The number of years it’s been since Sex and the City first premiered.

So let’s take a look at the experience these lucky fans got to enjoy.

Carrie Bradshaw Apartment

The Carrie Bradshaw Apartment

This isn’t the first time one of America’s favorite shows from the early 2000s recreated a famous apartment. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, you could go to the Friends Experience. You got to walk through 12 curated rooms that recreated the most iconic scenes and also see props from the hit show.

The Carrie Bradshaw apartment was more exclusive. It was only available for two one-night stays, so only two lucky parties who clicked “book now” fast enough got the experience. This brownstone wasn’t a modern adaptation of the Carrie Bradshaw apartment. It was specifically tailored to give you 2000s nostalgia. 

Sex and the City Apartment

Everything from Carrie’s iconic laptop to the mint green cordless phone came straight out of the turn of the 21st century. 

The walls are covered in the iconic pistachio green and the apartment is furnished with midcentury furniture. 

Carrie Bradshaw Apartment

You can even find plenty of issues of Vogue to skim. But this trip isn’t just a classy apartment. You’ll be completely booked with activities to truly make you feel like you’re starring on an episode of Sex and the City.

Carrie Bradshaw Apartment
Carrie Bradshaw Apartment

The Carrie Bradshaw Experience

You didn’t think that guests would only get keys to the apartment, did you? The one-night stay came with an unforgettable experience that helped you discover Carrie’s New York. 

Upon entering the brownstone, Sarah Jessica Parker offered a virtual greeting. The greeting was curated to sound just like a narration from an episode’s opening credits. 

Parker played a large role in this project coming together. She said, “The Carrie Bradshaw character is near and dear to my heart, and revisiting her world for the continuation of the Sex and the City story has been such a joy. I’m excited for our audience to experience Carrie’s New York like never before and walk in her shoes, quite literally, for the first time.”

Sex and the City Closet
Sex and the City Closet
Sex and the City Closet

You’d then head to Chelsea for a meal with your main girls. This site commonly played the backdrop to quintessential conversations between the main characters. You’d have access to plenty of martini glasses in which you could whip up a classic cosmopolitan to toast with. 

And that painstakingly curated closet wasn’t just for show. Guests were encouraged to play dress-up in Carrie’s clothes. You even had a professional photoshoot arranged so you could capture memories of you and your girls looking fashion-forward. 

Because of course, you need pics of you all dolled up in the Patricia Field tutu.

Carrie Bradshaw Apartment

Paying it Forward

While the hosts filled the stay with glitz and glamor, they also made a meaningful contribution to the arts. Airbnb donated to The Studio Museum, “the nexus for artists of African descent locally, nationally, and internationally and for work that has been inspired and influenced by Black culture. It is a site for the dynamic exchange of ideas about art and society.”

What an amazing way to build hype for the premiere of HBO Max’s continuation of the Sex and the City story, And Just Like That. 

Carrie Bradshaw Apartment

Photo Credit: Airbnb


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