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The Batman

*2/28/22 – Contest Now Closed*

The Caped Crusader faces down his greatest Gotham foes in the all-new, edgy action film The Batman, Warner Bros. Pictures’ new take on the iconic DC hero. Directed by Matt Reeves, the film stars Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, with Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell. Opening only in theaters on March 4th.

In celebration of the film’s release, FanBolt is giving away (5) pairs of tickets to see The Batman at a theater near you! 

All you need to do to enter is:

  • Leave a comment below letting us know why you want to see the film
  • Retweet this Tweet
  • Live in the U.S.

We’ll be providing (5) sets of (Admit 2) codes for Fandango that can be used to buy tickets to the film!

We will randomly be picking winners from the comment section! So post below – and you’ll hear from us by Monday (February 28, 2022) if you’ve won!

The Batman Free Movie Passes Info:


March 4, 2022




From Warner Bros. Pictures comes Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” starring Robert Pattinson in the dual role of Gotham City’s vigilante detective and his alter ego, reclusive billionaire Bruce Wayne. Reeves (“The Planet of the Apes” franchise) directed from a screenplay by Reeves & Peter Craig, based on characters from DC. Batman was created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger. Dylan Clark (the “Planet of the Apes” films) and Reeves produced the film. Warner Bros. Pictures Presents a 6th & Idaho/Dylan Clark Productions Production, a Matt Reeves Film, “The Batman.” The film is set to open in theaters March 4, 2022, and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.


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  1. The way I absolutely love Robert Pattinson!!! I’m so excited to see his take on The Batman. Also Zoe Kravitz as catwoman?!? So epic. Can’t wait to watch this film

  2. Yes! I have got to see this Batman as I cannot wait to see what Robert Pattinson does in it. Plus I absolutely love Zoe Kravitz! This film appears to be darker than the others and the trailer is amazing!

  3. Batman is my ABSOLUTE favorite!!! Would love to score tickets to see this movie…it looks like it’s gonna be incredible! I have so much faith in R Patts as Bruce & Zoe as Selina…bring on March 4th!!

  4. I’m excited to see this film because of Robert Pattinson. I want to see how he embodies Batman! I know it’s supposed to be a much darker film!

  5. To be straight up, I have always loved Robert Pattinson but why I really want to see it is to get out of the house. I have a 1 year old and need a reason to take time for myself.

  6. One name – Paul Dano. Brilliant actor, incredible casting. Can’t wait to see how this one of a kind actor plays such a diabolical weird infamous villain.

  7. Since Michael Keaton Batman I’ve seen every Batman film made I want to see what’s going to be different and exciting about this one Batman is my favorite DC character!

  8. The trailer looks awesome and amazing. I’m a big superhero fan and batman is one of the illest. The cast is definitely one of the best groups put together.

  9. I want to see the new Batman movie because I’ve seen the trailer a couple of times and the acting looks pretty good. I usually like the Batman movies.

  10. I was very skeptical when I first who was going to be starring as the new Batman, but I when I saw the first trailer of the movie it got me interested. The movie has a dark side to it, so I’m really looking forward to go watch it.

  11. My brother and I have always watched both DC and Marvel together and it’d be a nice way to kick off birthday celebrations. Oh and Zoe Kravitz of course.

  12. Been watching Batman since I can remember, enjoying this action pack with the young Robin with different variety of evil characters 😀 can’t wait to enjoy this new film.

  13. I am a huge Batman fan! I haven’t been to the theater in a long time due to Covid, but I’d love to see this movie now that things are slowly coming back to normal.

  14. I have seen every Batman movie and TV show since I was young. Just love me some Batman!! Although no one will beat Michael Keaton, I am interested in seeing how Rob Pattinson does.

  15. What’s Up Emma & The Fanbolt crew!

    My name’s Jason and I feel like I should be chosen because I’m a Batman super fan since I was a kid, from the comic collection i still own, to now as an adult. Easily my favorite superhero and ever since my love for film has excelled, I’ve always noticed Batman films are the event films whenever they released. Here we are with a new entry and Matt Reeves vision is the closest solo batman film that is the full representation of the character. Being the super fan I am, I’d love to see this movie & also gain some filmmaking tips on my journey in the same career path. Thank you again for the opportunity!


  16. The cast is amazing. I really like Robert Pattinson and Colin Farrell and I can’t wait to see their take on Batman and Penguin.

  17. Matt Reeves take on the Planet of the Apes series is, in my opinion, the best trilogy in cinema! very under-rated! I cannot wait to see what he does with The Batman and the awesome cast!

  18. We have not been in person to the theaters during the pandemic for two years. We are ready to support our local Theater owners again and this would be such a memorable way winning these Blockbuster ‘The Batman’ passes to attend! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Go FanBolt

  19. I’m excited to see another Batman movie. Batman has always been my favorite since childhood and Jeffrey Wright is one of my favorite actors.

  20. The build up of the Robert Pattinson playing batman build up has me on the edge of my seat. Will he be serious and searly or will he be campy.

  21. I have seen almost every Batman movie. I love the DCU/MCU, and supported this genre before they went mainstream. I need to see this movie too.

  22. I want to see this movie because for as long as I can remember I have always been the biggest fan of batman and I would always tell myself that batman is the greatest superhero. It always resonated with me how he was able to seemingly overcome any challenge without any superpowers and how he would constantly use batman as a way to take out his rage and I feel like this movie embodies that perfectly so I want to watch it to feel inspired and moved by the cinematography, the music, and the phenomenal performances.

  23. As a lifelong comic book fan, I love and support the genre and would love the opportunity to see this film. My friends and I have been following the production since it was announced and we can’t wait to share this experience with each other! I would love to be one of the first to see the film!

  24. I always loved Batman as a child.He was my favorite superhero.I had all the batman toys.And I can’t wait to see Robert Pattison as Batman.I loved him in the Twilight movies.

  25. Looks like a great film. Robert Pattinson gets alot of flack because of the twilight movies but he’s an underrated actor. Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman was a perfect casting choice. This will be a movie I can’t wait to see. #TheBatman🦇

  26. I loved the Planet of the Apes films and Cloverfield that were directed by Matt Reeves and I’m excited to see his take on The Batman

  27. I would love to see the new Batman movie as I’m interested how Robert Pattinson will be in it , as well as how Gotham City set design.

  28. I have been a huge fan of Batman forever. But let me tell you a story. We just had our Eagle Court of Honor for my daughter. She killed it, and incredible project. All our friends and family were there and I was giving a speech and I was getting slightly emotional. I hugged her and walked down from the stage. My 11 year old who does a loud whisper for the entire audience to hear: “Dad, Batman doesn’t cry”. It brought the whole house down and a fell down laughing. THAT, should earn me some tickets. Whatcha think?

  29. Hi! I have been a huge fan of Batman since I was little. I started with the Batman animated series. Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have been watching it as a little girl because it was a bit graphic. I have no regrets though, lol. In my humble opinion, the 2020 animated Batman release – “A Death in the Family” – has been the most compelling cartoon iteration. The opening scene is so shocking (don’t want to give spoilers). I thought there was no way to reach higher peaks with such a start, but I was proven wrong throughout the whole movie. Now, my all-time favorite batman is Christian Bale. Dark Knight rises is a cinematic masterpiece. I will die on this hill. I am excited to see how Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz approach their roles as well as a peak into Reeves’ directorial vision!

  30. It’s hard for me to go see an advanced screening with an 8 month old baby. With Fandango tickets I can arrange for a certain time & get a babysitter. Would love to see this movie. Please pick me. Thanks!

  31. Fandango tickets are the best. This way I can see the Batman movie at a specified time. Which is great because I have a baby. Therefore, I have to coordinate to get a babysitter. This would be wonderful if I could win Fandango tickets. Thanks for the opportunity to win tickets.

  32. I have a business and can’t always get away to an advanced screening. With Fandango tickets I can go when I have a free moment. I really want to see this movie. Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. I have been watching Batman ever since Batman & Robin with Adam West. Love the Batman movies. Never miss one. Please pick me. Thanks!