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Drive Angry DVD Review: So Bad It’s Actually Good

Drive Angry DVD Review: So Bad It’s Actually Good


Where to start? Drive Angry is one of those movies that is so over the top and bad – that’s it’s actually entertaining. You laugh at the corny lines and the special effects which send things flying at your face (the movie was originally released in 3D – though the Blu-ray is not), and you’re fully aware you’re watching a horrible film… yet you can’t turn it off.

Drive Angry stars Nicolas Cage as Milton, who we quickly learn is back from the dead to avenge his daughter’s death and save her baby from a cult of Satan worshipers. He seeks out a feisty gal named Piper (Amber Heard) to take over the parental duties for his grandchild, but not before he enlists Piper’s help to kick some ass. Our villains are played by Billy Burke (who plays Jonah King – a bit of different role than that of Charlie Swan in the Twilight movies) and William Fichtner (who portrays The Accountant). Both do excellent jobs at creeping the audience out – especially Fichtner, who plays The Accountant like an affluent salesman that quickly resorts to brutal violence every time someone doesn’t go for his pitch.

From Milton drinking beer from the skull of man he has just killed to some rather obvious CGI (Not to mention the rather outlandish script), this movie is just so over-the-top it’s ridiculous. It’s packed to the brim with cliché car crashes and gun fights – which feel like a mash-up of grindhouse pictures from the 70’s, but all with the updated technology of the current day. The result is referential without ever feeling old or dated.

Drive Angry is what it is – it doesn’t ever take itself too seriously. I can only imagine the expression on Cage’s face when he was first reading the script. It’s a fun little diversion that delivers exactly what it intends too – lots of blood and guts, lots of nudity, and a script that is so horrible in the traditional cinema-sense, that it’s actually good.

Grade: B-
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Review By: Emma Loggins

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