The Limitless World of Minecraft: What to Expect Soon


Without a doubt, the legendary game of Minecraft has taken both the gaming and retail world by storm. Between baseline game sales, thousands of kids dressing as creepers for Halloween, and Minecraft server hosting companies creating a whole new industry out of the game, it’s obvious that there’s something special about the beloved cube-based world. In this blog, we’ll talk about Minecraft’s impact on culture, and where it is headed next.

Minecraft as a Game

With over 200 million copies of Minecraft sold as of May 2020, the game is inarguably making strides in game sales that most games can only dream of reaching. The game itself is an open-world adventure game made up of millions of cubes, where the player can choose to follow quests, build structures, and raise animals. Each Minecraft world is generated differently than the last, so every play is like a whole new experience. Though the graphics are more 8-bit and simple in nature, the enormous size of the maps and charming personal style make Minecraft a comforting game for gamers young and old.

Minecraft’s Creative Capacity

When a player enters Minecraft, they can do one of a million things. Multiplayer servers are some of the most popular places where players congregate. Most of the most popular servers are battle royale or pop culture-based. Pixel-mon, a Minecraft server built around the popular Pokemon franchise, is one of the most frequently-visited servers to date. The possibilities are virtually endless in Minecraft, which explains the limitless success of the franchise.

Due to Minecraft’s many years of steady marketing success, a humongous fandom has emerged. People young and old are not only creating in the Minecraft universe, but also bringing the Minecraft universe into real life. Whether it’s homemade Minecraft cosplay, YouTube Minecraft animations, or even Minecraft-themed snacks, it is clear that people’s creativity spans far outside the borders of the digital world.

Minecraft in the Years to Come

So, what is there left to do in the Minecraft universe? Looking towards the future, we can expect several new book series revolving around Minecraft players’ campaigns, as well as more movies, theatre multiplayer events, and spin-off games. Without a doubt, players will keep creating worlds all their own. New animals and additions to the original game come out with each highly-anticipated update, and more and more Minecraft-centered conventions are being held around the globe.

What we can learn from the world of Minecraft is simple. Not every gamer is looking for something guided or laid out for them. While intense highly story-based games have their place, people will come back to games like Minecraft again and again. This is because of the notion that it isn’t the developers that Minecraft extraordinary, but the millions and millions of diligent, creative players.


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