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Underworld: Awakening Review: Beckinsale Once Again Kicks Some Serious Butt

Underworld: Awakening Review: Beckinsale Once Again Kicks Some Serious Butt


Underworld: Awakening Review: Beckinsale Once Again Kicks Some Serious Butt

Underworld: Awakening is the latest movie in the Underworld series. Right from the beginning you will see that humans are now a major threat to both vampires and lycans. Upon discovering that both of these species exist the humans undertake an all out war upon them in order to achieve their total annihilation. Kate Beckinsale returns in the role of Selene who finds herself getting caught up in a battle with the humans and being knocked unconscious by an explosion. Selene then finds herself waking up in an unknown location where she has been held captive. As she begins her escape, she starts to realize that things aren’t how she remembered and this is where you will begin to learn of the twists and changes that Underworld: Awakening will take you through.

Underworld: Awakening does something that the past Underworld movies have not. This being that the movie builds upon its characters and creates more connection and emotion between them. While the movie is still action packed and full of bloodbaths, you will see a lot more emotion in the down time between Selene and the other characters that we have not seen in the past titles. This is something I found to be a welcomed addition to the series. Not only does the storyline create for some interesting twists, but it’s also great to see how it is played out. Once again Beckinsale does a fantastic job of playing the role of Selene and once again she kicks some serious butt! However, this time it is also great to see her act with more emotion during those few specific scenes.

Selene is still a total badass in this movie and you really feel that in a lot of the sequences. The action scenes are very enjoyable to watch, though slightly graphic at times…well most of the time. I really enjoyed each character in this movie which includes a young and eager to fight vampire named David, played by Theo James. Also, Michael Ealy does a decent job as a Detective named Sebastian.

Underworld: Awakening does have some intriguing moments and a storyline that will keep you interested. It may not be the best story ever and it’s certainly not unpredictable, but it’s still enjoyable to see it quickly unfold. I say quickly because the movie is only around 80 minutes long. But at least there are plenty of special features to spend time watching.

The special features included with the movie are great for any fan of the series. They do a good job taking you deeper into the process of the movie focusing on many of the areas involved in both the making of the movie and the creation of the story. It’s also nice to gain individual perspectives from all of the main cast members.

Score: B

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  1. I have to say I love the Underworld movies! Even though this one didn’t last long it is pretty great. Hoping we see more Underworld movies in the future!


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