Mirror Mirror DVD Review: A New Twist To An Old Fairy Tale

Initially, everyone thought it was amusing that there were two Snow White films both coming out in the same year. However, after having seen both of the films, what’s really amazing is how completely different they are. Snow White And The Huntsman attempted to achieve an epic tone while Mirror Mirror went for a more lighthearted and entertaining route. Honestly, I enjoyed Mirror Mirror quite a bit more.

Mirror Mirror tells a slightly different version of Snow White than all the other ones we’ve heard throughout our lives. This time around Snow White has to save the Prince, so don’t be on the lookout for the apple and a helpless and easily deceivable princess to take a bite. This Snow White is a little bit smarter than that – despite still being a sheltered gal who has no idea what has been going on in the kingdom.

What has been going on in the kingdom is direct result of the Queen, who has taxed all the citizens to unbearable degrees in order to pay for her extravagant lifestyle. Once Snow realizes this, she knows that she has to do something – and she finds 7 little fellas who don’t take too much convincing to help.

Snow falls for the Prince of course, but the Queen also has her eyes set on the Prince as it will solve many of the financial issues that the kingdom is facing. In extreme efforts to make the Prince fall for her, the Queen puts him under a love spell. For the entertainment of the audience, it turns out to be a puppy love spell.

And madness ensues.

Lily Collins does a pretty convincing job as the innocent and charming Snow White. However, when it’s time for her to become a little more badass – I don’t buy it at all. I think Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon A Time) has gotten as close as I’ve seen thus far in regards to actress making the transition with this character. Collins, stunning beautiful though she is, just comes across as too inexperienced and frail to be a true badass.

Julia Roberts does a good job at playing the bitchy Queen, and her sidekick Brighton is done equal justice by Nathan Lane. Armie Hammer brings a fun playfulness to Prince Alcott along with a fair amount of helplessness. I really rather liked the twist of having the Prince be the one in distress. It goes against what I feel the character should be, but I enjoyed the fact that it made the film unpredictable to a certain degree.

Special features on the DVD include a number of deleted scenes and featurettes including “Looking Through The Mirror”, “Prince And Puppies”, and “Mirror Mirror Storybook”.

Overall, it’s a cute film that’s appropriate for the whole family. Sure, it’s cheesy in parts, but it doesn’t feel as epicly lost within itself as Snow White And The Huntsman. Of the two films, Mirror Mirror is definitely the better fairytale flick.

Grade: B
Review By: Emma Loggins

Official Website: http://mirrormirrorfilm.com/


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