Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review: A Beautiful And Climatic Ending To A Fan Phenomena

It’s hard to believe the end is finally here. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 and the final chapter in the Twilight saga is out in theaters this weekend. The much-anticipated film is bittersweet for fans after the long journey with Bella and Edward.

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 picks up right where Breaking Dawn: Part 1 left off. Bella (Kristen Stewart) is now a vampire and a mother. She has a whole new world to get used to, but that’s not the only challenges facing her. The Volturi believes that her child is an immortal – which is not accepted under their rules. Through one of Alice’s (Ashley Greene) visions, they learn that the Volturi is in fact coming for them, and their only hope is to convince other vampires to stand with them and witness for their selves that Renesmee isn’t an immortal child. Edward (Robert Pattinson) and the rest of the Cullens hit the road in order to gain support, and all the while – Jacob (Taylor Lautner) never leaves Renesmee’s side. (Even though I’ve read all the books – I still find his imprinting on the child creepy. And yes, I know… It’s not like that… but it’s still creepy.)

The film builds up to a pretty climactic ending – much better than the book ending. I had heard teases of a twist ending, and while you won’t get spoilers here I’ll just say this – it’s awesome.

I will give you guys a teaser though, one of the most beautiful things about the film is a montage that Ashley Greene has alluded to in a number of interviews over the last week. While it’s not only a beautiful way to summarize the journey that Bella and Edward have had – it’s also a great way for fans to really see how much time has past since the series began. Kristen Stewart was just a girl when the franchise started, and now that it’s coming to an epic end – you can tell how much she has grown up (Which naturally makes you reflect on how old we all were when we saw the first film.)

Overall, I think director Bill Condon did an amazing job with Breaking Dawn: Part 2, and I think that Melissa Rosenberg should be commended for fixing the anti-climatic ending of the novel that disappointed a large majority of the readers. The film was what the book should have been. It knew exactly when to make fun of itself ( Aro’s laugh anyone? ), when to take things to the next left, and how to provide fans with the closure they needed and deserved after being devoted fans for half a decade.

Review By: Emma Loggins


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  1. Excellent review! This movie was the perfect closing to a very great franchise. I loved the movie a lot more than I thought I would! Definitely my favorite of the series. 🙂

  2. Yeah! I saw it with my friends, and we were all freaking out the moment *spoiler* died! I thought they had totally changed it from the books! hahah Loved how they pulled it all together, though!

  3. I thought it was great. I knew that there was a surprise and when I realized what it was I loved how they played it out. Can’t wait to see it again.