Total Recall Blu-ray Review: An Action Movie With Too Much Action And No Emotion

Total Recall Blu-ray Review
Total Recall Blu-ray Review
Total Recall Blu-ray Review: An Action Movie with Too Much Action and No Emotion

Total Recall

Total Recall is a movie full of action with impressive visuals throughout and stars Colin Farrel, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Biel. The movie is set in the future and revolves around Colin Farrel’s character who continues to have the same dream night after night. He begins to be more curious about his life and wonders if there is something more. Getting caught up in his own thoughts he decides to visit a company by the name of Rekall which can allow you to live out your fantasies by placing memories in your mind causing you to feel as if you are actually living those fantasies. He eventually decides to be a spy and has those memories inserted into his mind, but before the process begins, things start to get out of control. So, did the process actually begin or were memories hidden from him and were his dreams a sign of that.

Total Recall is visually impressive with many interesting scenes of this new world that’s been created. Being a fan of Sci-fi, it’s always fun to see these worlds built on science fiction ideas and there is plenty of that to enjoy in this movie with the city, technology, and weaponry. I think sci-fi fans can get some type of enjoyment out of this movie when it comes to these things, but everything else feels pretty lacking.

Total Recall is action packed. For me, however, it felt like there was almost too much action going on and it actually tried my patience at times. Most action scenes felt pretty basic and even came across as pretty bad in some situations. I think part of the reason was due to the situations that led up to the action. Insert random scene – try to avoid police – something stupid happens and then the shooting begins. Oddly enough, for me, there is just too much of it and not enough of anything else to help build this movie up. Although, I must say, the setting is absolutely intriguing, but the direction of the movie didn’t take great advantage of it and we were left with yet another action sequence instead.

Now I must also say that a lot of action sequences happen with Kate Beckinsale involved in them and you can never go wrong with her. I am a fan of hers and that might have played a role in why I enjoyed parts of this movie more than if someone else had played her character. But overall, when it comes to the characters including Colin Ferrel’s character, I just couldn’t get into their roles. This movie is meant to be intriguing and full of mystery with Colin’s character but I found that I could care less about what happened. There really wasn’t much emotion in this movie thanks to very little character development and too much time wasted on average action scenes. I was rooting for the bad guy in this movie because I like the actress, not because of the character…. that’s not good for a movie! The character interactions were even poor and lacking in substance.

Overall, Total Recall is pretty much a bad movie that has parts that you may be able to get something out of. You’ll enjoy some of the action and the impressive visuals, but it lacks good development, emotion, and it doesn’t pull you into any of the suspense. Guys, at least we have Kate Beckinsale, but the other characters are pretty boring and that includes Colin Ferrel’s character. This isn’t a movie I can recommend owning or even watching unless you really need to. If that’s the case and you need to watch it, then watching it on blu-ray is definitely a must so that you can at least get the best that the movie offers with its impressive visuals. Otherwise you can easily pass this one up.

The Blu-ray pack has a few special features for you to go through if you choose. A big focus is on each character and the action of the movie…go figure. It also has an all-new extended director’s cut featuring 20 minutes of footage that wasn’t shown in theatres.

Grade: D


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